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What's your favorite traits?


Just as the topic says: what traits do you use, and why?  Have you tried anything insane for kicks, and did it work?

For myself, I use Tough as Nails 3, Eagle Eye 1 and Cateye 2 (usually picking up Cateye after 2 TaNs).  TaN is great for early survivability (when everyone does low damage), despite its lesser usefulness in later levels.  Cateye is indispensible for picking off everything without taking a scratch (until the next release, anyway).  Eagle Eye (plus berserk) means that I hit with the chaingun about 90% of the time, and maybe a little closer to 60-80% with the plasma gun.  I've usually found that rocket launchers and plasma guns do enough on their own to make SoaB somewhat less useful, but I spend most of my endgame exploiting Cateye to its max rather than wading wild-eyed into combat.

Every now and then, I try a Pistoleer run with maxed Finesse and Son of a Gun, but I usually die hideously despite firing the pistol like a chaingun.  Has anyone had better luck?

Kornel Kisielewicz:
CatEye 3, Hellrunner 3, TaN 3, but I guess my voice doesn't count :-]

I'm the defencive type. I get:

LV1: TaN 1
LV2: Cateye 1
LV3: Cateye 2
LV4: Ironman 1
LV5: Ironman 2
LV6: Ironman 3

Levels never reached by me:
LV7: TaN 2
LV8: TaN 3
LV9: Hellrunner 1
LV10: Hellrunner 2

I've never tryed hellrunner, the pistol one, and brute.

My rugged good looks, my dry cool wit .. oh you mean in the game ;)

Quoting: PotatoEngineerTough as Nails 3, Eagle Eye 1 and Cateye 2

This is what I gennerally use- works well for me. I try to only use cateye to lev 1 now to give me more of a challenge.  Eagle eye is great for me.  I sometimes go for reloader but you just cant tell if this is effective.

I certainly like ironman and tough as nails


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