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I've had DM experience, but I'm not that familiar with fourth edition rules. So what better way to learn than to DM, right? So here's the pitch:

I would like to lead four+ (ideally five+) victims adventurers on a mindnumbing adventure through dungeons, death and whatnot. There may be dragons involved, but the details are still sketchy. Characters would start at level one and be generated according to the player's handbook. ALL special considerations would need to be cleared before acceptance. Depending on how long I can keep your interests, play would continue concievably up to level 30. That's right, if you're willing to keep playing, I've got dungeons to throw at you.

The only character creation tips I will give are this: You're above average people. If you make your character absurdly powerful at level 1, it will die. Also, please send me a list of a couple of items your character would like to see along the track. I'm not guarenteeing the first monster will drop it, but at some point a travelling trader might be willing to part with it in exchange for your firstborn child.

To help set your character in the campaign, you and several others will have formed a band to go off towards the western mountains and Bordrin's Watch, having heard they're dealing with Orcs...again. You were simply responding to a miltia summons, and were rewarded with 50gp for doing so. You may use this in character creation. You do not have extensive knowledge of each other, and are simply travelling companions for the time being.

I was in as soon as I heard about it.

Character sheet coming soon.

Malek Deneith:
Just for the record I'm in as well. Got character past Tavana, some details about it will be dropped a bit later when I beat lazy out of myself.

Don't forget me!


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