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DnD 4e Campaign - Scales of War (OOC)

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Currently I have four players looking to play, and have sighted two character sheets. Currently I am looking for one more player, preferably a controller.

S.K. Ren:
I suppose I could do it. I'll PM you my Character Sheet as soon as I draw it up.
Edit: PM'd.

Aaaaand we have a full set of eager victims! If anyone else would like to join in the party, let me know, but you'll most likely be held in reserve until one of the players gets bored/dies a silly death because our Cleric got lazy. =)

I expect we'll be ironing out a few character issues for at least another 24 hours, and I'll need at least that long to prep for the first encounter. Prepare for carnage.


--- Quote from: Tavana on May 31, 2010, 06:40 ---dies a silly death because our Cleric got lazy. =)

--- End quote ---

HEY! It won't be entirely my fault if someone dies! Well, depending on circumstance.
If you get critted while I'm out of healing, Sorry.

* Madtrixr shrugs
TBH, I'm sure i'll have my hands full with whatever Tavana decides to try and kill us with.

The wild halfling has landed!


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