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Xander Morhaime:
Well... I've cracked. I'll be leading a D&D4 game. The specifics... well, I don't want to give away too much. Let us simply say, for the moment, that you are noble heroes that are well on the way to ridding the land of an Evil Overlord.

You get to start off at level 3, and that means you get 520gp, one magic item each of level 4, 3, and 2, and as much mundane gear as is reasonably needed.

I believe that so far Malek, Gargulec, and... SK, was it?, have already expressed interest. I've already got M's character on hand, too. So, if you want to participate, do hurry.

Malek Deneith:
Well my character is done. Say hello to Ryltar - Drow Rogue.

„Hey watch where you are you pointing that thing. What? Color of my skin? Oh come on – I left *that* behind me long ago. I’m one of good guys – like d-wosisname. Well okay, maybe not that good – I don’t do charity. But give me a good pay and I’ll help to clear monsters from near town or whatever gladly.
Huh? How did I get here? Simple – like I said I ran from great Underdark. Got lucky too – first people I’ve met up here didn’t judge by skin color and helped me out. Sad thing though, somebody back down didn’t like me leaving and sent few guys after me – killed the family that helped me, nothing I could do. After that I went to some larger town, tried to settle somehow. But of course some baron or whoever had to die and the guard captain was all ‘Get the drow, it must have been the drow’ – bloody half elves are more prejudiced against us than fullbloods I tell ya. Good thing he didn’t knew I’m good with locks, so he didn’t take the lockpicks off me – I ran from there too. I started to think afterwards and came to conclusion – ‘hey, getting myself some good rep would prevent misunderstandings like that’. And thus I am here, trying to find myself a group of whatyoucallem – adventurers. You know – buy me some ale, and perhaps we can work out some deal profitable for both of us…”

In. Will edit with details.

EDIT: Saliak, Dragonborn Runepriest. How may I be of assistance?

I would like to participate. Please.

just give me the okay over PM and IRC, and you'll have a char sheet within a couple of days.

S.K. Ren:
My character is done as well. Prepare to meet Ma'kirr - Razorclaw Monk (F)

 "If its a drink you want, then by all means drink. And I'll make you a wager while were on the subject. If you can out drink me, all agree to whatever terms you want as far as adventuring goes. But if you lose, I expect to see some half-naked elf-boy dancing on this table. "
 'Oye, Keep. Get us a round of ale. After that we'll need drink that's harder than a smith's anvil.'
 "I hope you can dance Ryltar..."


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