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Xander Morhaime:
The campaign against the Evil Overlord that had been plaguing the realm was a long and difficult one. You'd faced down and slain a number of his lieutenants, thwarted more than a few of his nefarious schemes. In the end, your path brought you to foot of the Overlord's last stronghold.

The land around was inhospitable to say the least, tall, steep mountains and sparse vegetation - and the Dark Tower looming over the whole countryside. A narrow stone walkway over a deep chasm led up to the gate, though curiously enough nobody tried to shoot you off as you approached. With storm clouds gathering overhead, you quickly decided that trying to climb the outside of the tower was a poor idea, and opted instead for going in through the front door. The door itself, though solid, eventually yielded with some persuasion of the forceful kind.

The chamber immediately beyond the gate served as a lobby, no doubt. It was quite spacious and well lit, with a raised floor closer to the opposite wall, with a short flight of stairs leading up onto it. Further along, you could see the main stairwell leading up into the tower proper. There were two large pillars holding up the tall ceiling here, one on either side of the room, and eight large braziers around the room providing a good amount of light.

Of course, the room wasn't entirely unpopulated either. At the foot of the small stair, you saw a trio of short, brown-skinned, goblin-like creatures, huddled together and blocking the approach to the stairs. They were covered in crude hides for armour, and each had a long spear that was pointing in your general direction. They weren't the only problem, however. What you initially thought were more braziers quickly turned out to be more of the odd goblins - red skinned this time, and seemingly lit from inside by an inner fire - as they stepped up to the edge of the raised platform and greeted you warmly - with a voley of small fireballs called up from their hands. Three of them smacked into Tristan, who'd been walking in front, causing very severe burns, a fourth hit Ma'kirr, also causing some serious damage, though the fifth missed the monk by a fair margin.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)Welcome to the Dark Tower! As you can see, you've got a bit of a welcoming committee waiting for you.

The large pillars are, as you might expect, impassable, and block LoS. The braziers are difficult terrain, and on fire, so walking on them is not advised. The dark line marks the edge of the raised platform - 5 feet higher than the rest of the floor.
Initiative order as follows:
1. Red Firethrowers (already moved)
2. Aden Uthadar (Madtrixr)
3. Brown Phalanx
4. Ma'Kirr (S.K. Ren)
5. Saliak (Tavana)
6. Ryltar (Malek Deneith)
7. Tristan (Gargulec)

Note that you have already received some damage. Tristan managed to catch all three fireballs for a total of 20 damage (23 remaining, almost bloodied), while Ma'Kirr caught one for 8 damage (25 remaining).

"Oh come now! That was just cheap!" Aden was surprised, like his comrades were, by the sudden attack. "Saliak! Patch him up! I'll draw their attention!" Aden then moves off to the left, going for cover behind the pillar, and shouting at the goblins: "Over here, you ugly bastards!" Aden then prepares for the fireballs.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)Move: To C10
Free Action: Yell a taunt at them
Standard: Total Defense (+2 to all defenses until the start of my next turn)

Xander Morhaime:
The brown goblins seemed to take a bait - all three of them rushed forward from the stair and towards the pillar where Aden had taken cover, two of them going straight for him, the third carefully flanking around the firebowl, keeping an eye on the rest of the party.

With shouts of "Smash!", "Kill!", and other such examples of wit, the two creatures attacked Aden. The first knocked him off his feet with a sweep of his spear, the other lunged at him, but the spear merely scraped off a few sparks off the pillar. The third, for the time being, settles on threateningly pointing his spear in the general direction of the rest of the party.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)Aden receives 5 damage (29 remaining) and is knocked prone.

S.K. Ren:
"I agree. these guys dont play nice at all, but then again..." Ma'kirr quickly bounded behind the group of goblins, " neither do I."
With an open palm she struck the ground causing a short and violent tremor. The enemies around her soon found themselves standing on unsteady ground.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)Move Action: Move to G13, G10, F9, E10
Standard Action: Use Eternal Mountain; Attack (D9)2+1d20+5=19, (D10)2+1d20+5=9, (E11)2+1d20+5=9 vs Fortitude; Damage 2d8+5+1=15 ; Effect Target is knocked Prone if hit
Free Action: If I hit an enemy, Use Centered Flurry of Blows on hit target, dealing 6 damage and shift them to E9
Minor Action: None

"Please do your best to dodge in the future, Tristan. The Runes are only so powerful." Saliak moves into range for his runes to have maximum effect, tracing the runes along the edge of his shield before smashing his hammer down into the nearest enemy.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)Move action: Move to F11.
Minor action: Rune of Mending, target Tristan. Entering Protection Rune State with this action.
Standard action: Word of Exchange on Phalanx Soldier at E11. Continuing Protection Rune State.
Attack: 1d20+8=27
Damage: 1d10+5=10

All allies (including me) hit by the Rune of Mending get +1 bonus to all defenses until end of my next turn. Tristan also gains 1 THP.
Enemy at E11 takes a -2 penalty to all defenses until end of my next turn. Next ally to hit E11 before the end of my next turn gets +2 power bonus to AC.
Rune of Protection State grants anyone standing next to me 2 resistance to all damage.


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