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'Perish!' exclaims Tristan, bringing his sword down upon the knight.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)Minor: Divine Challenge on the knight.
Standard: Holy Strike on the same target.
    1d20+10=25, 1d8+6=13

Xander Morhaime:
Apparently the request (and the blow) was enough to send the knight off, as he collapsed shortly afterwards.

With all the enemies dealt with, that left you with the time to examine the new chamber. Further north there was a doorway much like the one you'd come in through, while to the west the chamber opened into a vast vault that seemed to reach very far down... how far precisely you couldn't quite tell. A plain wooden walkway connected the chamber to a raised stone platform in the middle of the vault. You could just make out some figures gathered around on it, surrounded by blue light streaming up from the floor.

There was also the small matter of the runes etched into the floor of the current chamber. Even with the priests dead, they were still emitting a soft glow...

Spoiler (click to show/hide)Things were starting to drag on a bit... let's try to keep this thing moving, shall we?

For this battle, you earn 195 XP, bringing you up to 3945 XP total. You also recover 57 silver from the bodies of the fallen. Stats after the battle are as follows:

Tristan: 36 damage done, 52 damage received, 32/49 HP, 9/13 surges, 1 AP;
Aden Uthadar: 75 damage done, 22 damage received, 29/39 HP, 7/8 surges, 1 AP;
Ma'kirr: 142 damage done, 17 damage received, 21/38 HP, 6/7 surges, 1 AP, daily power used;
Ryltar: 50 damage done, 16 damage received, 24/40 HP, 7/8 surges, 0 AP;
Saliak: 92 damage done, 44/44 HP, 8/10 surges, 2 AP.

S.K. Ren:
"rraaAAAGGGGhhh" Ma'kirr cried in frustration, wailing on the corpse of a nearby knight. "I certainly hope the rest of this mission is less resilient.". Wiping the blood from her spear she went over to the runes. She had heard of fools poking strange runes and suffering for it, so she abstained from that initial impulse. Still, should the runes prove to be a problem, she could always assist in breaking them.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)Spend a healing surge.


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