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Malek Deneith:
- Oh Lolth, annoying as always. - Ryltar strides forward and points at fire-thrower in front of him, summoning inborn drow magic, then draws five shuriken in one fluid motion and starts juggling them - Hey look, a trick! - he shouts just as one of shuriken flies toward his chosen target.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)Move Action: to G10
Minor Action: Darkfire on G4. Attack (1d20+9=14) vs Reflex. Hit: Target grants combat advantage to all attacks and can't benefit from invisiblity or concealment until end of my next turn.
Free Action: Fast Hands to draw a shuriken (the other four are just fluff :P)
Standard Action: Sly Flourish on G4. Attack (1d20+8=22) vs AC (+2 if Darkfire hit). Hit: Damage (1d6+8=11).

If Darkfire and Sly Flourish both hit:
Free Action: Sneak Attack G4 for Damage (2d6=10)

Xander Morhaime:
Only one of the speargoblins was hit by Ma'Kirr's attack, but that one at least got heavily clobbered, knocked prone and thrown around. Saliak also had some success, smacking the third speargoblin over the head... though it only seemed to make it angrier as it shook the damage off in short order. Ryltar's magic caused dark flames to flare up around the central firethrower - for a moment. Then flames from the creature's body licked out and consumed the magical flame, leaving the firethrower with a triumphant grin on its face.

Then the shuriken hit it in the face, and the red goblin fell flat on its back, its legs twitching in the air for a few moments more.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)Goblin from D9 moved to E9 and knocked prone, suffers 21 damage; Goblin in E11 takes 10 damage. Firethrower in G4 takes 11 damage and dies.

'Avandra, guide my sword against the impure!' shouted Tristan, rushing at closest brownie with his sword raised high above his head. He brought it down on the creatures head with full force. Immediately, Ma'Kirr felt... safer. Freeing his hand for a moment, he reached to touch Ma'Kirr's back, to bring her some relief from her wounds.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)Move: To F1)

Standard: Shielding Smite E11
To-hit:     1d20+10=22
Damage:     2d8+5=13
Effect: Until the end of my next turn, Ma'Kirr gets +2 to AC

Minor: Lay On Hand on Ma'Kirr (I spend a surge, she gets the effect)

Xander Morhaime:
The goblin received another smack on the head - this time it seemed to leave a more permanent mark on the little creature, but it was proving surprisingly tough. Despite the, for lack of a better term, blood running down its face, it still held its ground bravely.

The red ones on top of the raised area ran around, apparently panicked for a moment by the death of one of their own, but quickly took up new firing positions and sent another volley of miniature fireballs your way. This time, though, they all missed their mark, leaving harmless scorch marks on the floor in front of Ryltar and Tristan.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)Saliak heals Tristan for 10 HP (33 currently remaining)
Tristan heals Ma'Kirr for 8 HP (back to full), hits brown goblin for 13, leaves him bloodied and gets +2 AC until the end of Saliak's next turn.
Reds run around and miss. Badly.

Aden, of course, is obviously a little shaken at being knocked down, but he doesn't show it. "Why you-You're going to pay for that! One way or another!" Aden pulls himself up, and then swings his Longsword at the goblin next to him. He's a little shaky, but it looks good.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)Move Action: Stand up
Standard: Melee basic against the goblin next to me [D10]
Attack, Damage (1d20+10=18, 1d8+7=14) I hope it's good...but you never know.


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