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Kornel Kisielewicz:
Only the vfmodsound.pas is depending on proprietary sofware. It's an implementation of the vsound interface -- which on all platforms you can use vsdlsound.pas instead. The fmod version is added for convenience -- because I'm not happy with SDL Sound stability on Windows.

Would that mean nosound version could be built for maemo repositories? All open sourced valkyrie based games are already packaged and fully working thanks to Aapo. DoomRL (and Aliens) would be very appreciated addition. I'm sure Aapo could provide help/howto's (he is maintainer of maemo FPC package and both Diablo/Berserk ports) and greater audience means more downloads/donations.

Kornel Kisielewicz:
Sound version also -- for *nix systems Valkyrie uses SDL sound.

Thanks for the maemo versions :). Please drop by on IRC if you have more questions -- as well as discussing access to DoomRL/AliensRL repos, and changes to the code that would improve maemo experience.


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