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Author Topic: Master Trait: Gunslinger  (Read 1587 times)


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Master Trait: Gunslinger
« on: October 23, 2010, 18:22 »

- Gunslinger ---------------------------------------

"I do not kill with my gun. He who kills with
his gun has forgotten the face of his father.
I kill with my heart."

For you, a pistol is not a tool, a simple weapon,
it is an extension of your body. Your pistols deal an
additional point of damage for each pistol shot landed
to a maximum of twelve. Missing, reloading, taking damage
or firing any weapon other than a pistol will reset the bonus.

Requires  : Son of a gun (3), Juggler (1), Eagle Eye (1)
Blocks    : Hellrunner, Brute, Son of a Bitch

Note: I've modified this idea significantly, I'm including the old concept for completeness.

Old Gunslinger:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

I wanted an alternative pistol master trait ... leaning towards power pistol builds as it seems to be a popular alternative to MGK builds. I had also wanted to present a master trait that may provide an incentive to do a Non-dualgunner pistol build, although such would be tricky, I think that this might provide a minor incentive to attempt that, but I'm not really experienced enough to know the full incentives this would have on possible builds that would result from this.

Naturally, this might need to be balanced ... I especially had difficulty picking which traits to block.  I wanted to follow the convention of a master trait requiring six traits, either two advanced traits + prerequisites, or some other combination (see the requirements for Blademaster).

I really hated the idea of blocking a second level trait, so I settled on blocking SoB, to block Cateye, upping the Master trait's damage bonus to compensate.

I would greatly enjoy having a master trait like this, providing versatility to the pistol game, and perhaps leaning towards a broader game allowing more weapon focus. (MGS/Shottyman, MGS/Intuition, MGS/Whizkid). Another reason I like this is that it incorporates the well loved juggler in an understandable manner, especially for single pistol builds.

I feel that blocking SoB is a bit more balanced and keeps to the 'block only basic traits' rule, SoB  + Gunslinger bonus might be a tad overpowered. Why a max bonus of 12?  If you're holding two unmodded pistols, you can unload one, swap, and unload the other without having to reload.  Understandably, this would make bulk mods and the Beretta immensely powerful, as it would allow additional rounds fired with the maximum damage bonus ... yet dual-gunner would be hampered by this, as if the first round kills, the second will miss, resetting the bonus. It would make this master trait usable with Dualgunner, but favor a pistol build without it.

I really like this, as it gives a completely different flavor of pistol game from the 'john woo' style of pistol shooting that most pistol builds depend on, leaning more to the trick shot style of marksman that can depend on alternative weapons in a pinch, a desperado slinging out a shotgun or rocket launcher quickly if his pistols fail him.

Also, with this seccond version of the Gunslinger concept, here might be an alternative requirement:

Requires  : Son of a gun (1), Juggler (1), Intuition (1)

Any thoughts?

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