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Game Hunter:
FYI, there are more than a few typos in the game, splashed here and there. Making a new topic for each and every one is a little much, how about we combine all of them into one large typo thread? The OP can keep track and add them all into a single post.

A few more to worry about:

- Highscores: Angel of Purity reads as AoP, should read as AoPu to differentiate between AoPc (as per AoMr/AoMs/AoMC subclasses)
- Highscores: "killed by a [enemy]" sometimes needs to be "kill by an [enemy]" for enemies like Arch-viles and Arachnotrons
- Player Info (Medals): A lot of words ending in "ing" should be replaced by their past-tense counterparts. This includes:
--- Completing -> Completed
--- Finishing -> Finished
--- Finding -> Found
--- Pulling -> Pulled
--- Visiting -> Visited
--- Present tense also works -- Might have missed a few of the hidden ones, but the mainstream ones are corrected.
- Player Info (Badges): Sometimes UV is spelled "Ultra-violence" and other times spelled "Ultra-Violence": best to pick one
- Player Info (Badges): Longinus Diamond badge is cut off: "Complete Unholy Cathedral on N! without Brut", could change "without" to "w/o" or remove "Complete" (as per the angel badges) -- changed to "Complete UC on Nightmare! without Brute"

There are likely more in the help section, but I need to finish up some impending HW first.

EDIT: Items marks in green are corrected. -Tavana

Good idea, pls, moderator, create a STICKY that deals with typos.
 Thank you

Malek Deneith:
Edit: Bleh... apparently merging topic sets post via date anyway sooo mcz117chief gets the first post in sticky :P

combat translocator: "this is a wierd device / this is a piece of wierd technology" -- Fixed -Tavana
wierd should be weird

I've hijacked the first post on the thread to list typos that I've corrected. Quite a few of these I've already fixed, just not writted down yet. Please keep them coming! =)


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