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* Introduction

Around September 2010 i began working on a track that could replace the utterly unimpressive intro sequence Doom (and by extension DoomRL) had. Little did i know where it would eventually take me.

When the track was released, the reviews were generally positive, prompting me to make another one, this time for the Unholy Cathedral. Now this one was such an overwhelming success, that i had no choice but to keep going, eventually becoming the de-facto composer of the game — which is what earned me my pale green lighter green nick color.

After a while, though, i got tired of posting separate threads for every song (and the community got tired of replying to every one of them). Thus, this Doom the Roguelike: The Album All-In-One Mega Thread was created, merging in all the others.

* The Track List

The track list, including preview and download links, can be found at:

* Using With DoomRL

Most of the tracks above are already included with the latest version (beta or release) of DoomRL. The low-quality release ships with the MIDI versions. The high-quality version ships with the MP3 versions. To use the OGG versions with either of them, a few tweaks must be made to your DoomRL installation:

* Download the tracks in your preferred format using the link(s) above. I recommend using the OGG versions, because the MP3 versions have issues looping properly and the FLAC versions are, well, large.

* Put the files in the mp3 subdirectory in your DoomRL directory (or ogg, or wherever you like, provided that you manually specify their correct locations in musichq.lua, see below).

* Edit your musichq.lua to point to the files. To make this slightly easier, i am supplying the config entries that need to be replaced here my own config file to be used as example.

Prior to the config entries looked somewhat like this:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)    start     = "mp3/doom_the_roguelike.ogg",
    spec3     = "mp3/hells_weapons.ogg",
    spec6     = "mp3/of_skull_and_bone.ogg",
    spec7     = "mp3/the_brick_song.ogg",
    spec8     = "mp3/unholy_cathedral.ogg",
    spec9     = "mp3/something_wicked.ogg",
    spec11    = "mp3/too_hot_down_here.ogg",
    boss2     = "mp3/final_showdown.ogg",

* If you haven't already, change the entry in config.lua that says:
dofile "music.lua"into saying:
dofile "musichq.lua"

* Start DoomRL. If it crashes, re-check the paths to the music files. If it doesn't, enjoy!

* License and Disclaimer

Those tracks are released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC BY-SA) license for all you care. (

Explicit, tough utterly unnecessary permission was granted to The Kornel (and his minions) to include these tracks with DoomRL.

If you remix those tracks, play them live or record them in a studio, do let me know. The perfectionist in me would like to see his work becoming more awesome than it already is, more than it is in my power. Make it so, and you will win my deepest appreciation and one thousand cookies1.

* Updates

No further updates are expected.

In the past, this thread was updated from time to time with new and remade tracks. The tracks themselves were updated to make them more kick-ass. In case of such updates, the first post of the topic was modified to reflect the changes and another post was made in the end of it. People used to watch this thread to keep themselves up-to-date on further developments.

Additionally, i have designed a newsletter system to keep anyone who is interested informed. Any news regarding the album were posted to the newsletter and this thread. Nowdays, the newsletter is, perhaps, the only sensible way to learn of any music-related developments that might occur.

To subscribe to the newsletter, please navigate to the music section of my website ( and click the relevant mailto link.

* The Original Post

The original post that started it all is given here for the sake of completeness.
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
--- Quote ---Several months in the making.

Seven discarded drafts.

Many hours of tweaks and fixes.

Two hold-backs for further refinement.

One Two Three recalls due to perceived production defects.

Slightly under one and a half minute long.

Simon the wannabe composer presents:

My misplaced attempt at Doom the Roguelike Theme The Title Screen Song

(some boring stuff deleted to save on bytes and pixels)

Go ahead and tell me it sucks. Ha!
--- End quote ---

1 The cookies might not in fact be real.

Actually it sucks... not! Really neat thing you have made here, Simon.

Kornel Kisielewicz:
The first part is a little painful on the ears (maybe I should have not played it on loud volume :P), the second is great -- kind of reminds me of good C64 chiptunes. As for inclusion in DoomRL, the graphical version will surely include Sonic Clang's arrangements of Classic Doom music (got his permission), but who knows :>

I'm always ready to step down and pass the torch to someone more skilled and/or talented than me.
Wait, that's actually kind of sad...


--- Quote from: Simon-v on November 06, 2010, 07:29 ---I'm always ready to step up and torch someone more skilled and/or talented than me.

--- End quote ---
There, fixed. :P


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