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Dear Simon,

You're not fooling anyone.

Stop pretending you're going to finish this album "someday". The time has come to just release it and call it done. Sure, it's a bit on the short side, but hey, nobody's perfect. You'll get over it.



This is, probably, the last time i will be updating this topic. Well, maybe not.

With Doom The Roguelike: The Album complete, there is little reason for me to keep this thread going. All new music release notifications will be made through my ad-hoc, in-house newsletter system. Anyone who hasn't yet subscribed to it might want to do so now. To learn how one might do that, simply go to and scroll down a bit.

For the sake of, i'll post the complete text of the announcement here.

--- Quote ---Good day, subscribers.

Today is a special day. Today, a new track, one that has been in production forever due to REAL LIFE, finally sees the light of day (or night, if you're in that kind of time zone).

I call it... Dark.

It also signifies the beginning of a new album, the one to follow Doom The Roguelike: The Album, titled simply "Aftermath".

You can get the track from the album page at

Here's the description from the album page:

> Originally, this track was intended for AliensRL, another game made by ChaosForge.
> AliensRL is not DoomRL. It has a different dynamic. In DoomRL you run around guns-a-blazing and can reasonably hope to be able to wipe out everything that is foolish enough to stand in your way. In AliensRL, you are alone, up against overwhelming force that will have no difficulty to wipe the floor with you many times over, a swarm that will utterly demolish you if you attract too much attention. Your main tactics are evasion and stealth, as you try to gather just about enough weapons, ammo and items to survive the next few fights.
> In AliensRL, the game wants you to be paranoid. My idea was to help a little.
> The style of the music reflects this dynamic. It is slow, dark, ambient, with sounds and noises sprinkled here and there. I knew i am doing something right when the following happened:
>> Wed Feb 27 07:57:09 +000>> Prolonged listening to the track i'm working on is giving me auditory hallucinations. Perfect!
> Then, life happened, and the project got put on hold. I only returned to it when a switch in the music production software provoked me to examine my drafts again; As it happens, a few tweaks here and there, and the track seemed good enough to me to be released on its own."


--- End quote ---

The license that was used for my works so far was ancient. I'm not kidding; I chose it around 2004, when i was just making my first steps in literature, and — i'm guessing, as the rationale for its selection is lost in time by now — for the wrong reasons. Aside from bumping the version a few times, no additional thought was invested in it ever since.

As such, i have updated the license used for all my works to a more permissive license type, as well as updating it to the latest available version. Hopefully, this will make working with my stuff slightly easier for you all. In particular, the new license allows commercial use — something a few of you were complaining about on several occasions before.

The new license can be viewed at

If you keep a local copy of any of the files, i recommend re-downloading them to keep their metadata correct. This recommendation is even more appropriate, if you got the files as soon as they became available, as some of them contain subtle fixes and corrections.

The music is, as always, available from

As always, you're welcome to send me your concerns and/or compliments at any time.

Wow, thanks for reminder you had such great work there!
Somehow I never heard some of the tracks in game.

Your post prompted me to follow the links and check out Simon's page, and it was interesting reading. I'm very far from musically inclined, so I can't pretend to know what goes into the composition process - but I can certainly appreciate the end result.

And yeah, I don't know that I've ever really been fully aware of the music on some of the levels - it all fits so well that it just seems like a natural part of the game and the level.

Edit: Making my way through the thread and found this:
--- Quote from: rchandra on March 31, 2011, 21:35 ---It felt like a great 'game over' music, which is correct most times I'm at the title screen.

--- End quote ---

This forum needs an upvote button.


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