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Thanks. I'm glad to hear that, especially since i can confidently say that i barely know what i'm doing myself.

An updated version of "Dark Secrets" was uploaded to the site, correcting an issue left over from the limitations of the previous music composition software. This version is also slightly shorter, closer to what was originally intended.

You are encouraged to re-download this track to keep your library current. Go get it from the album page. A special notice on this goes to the powers that be bundling the tracks with the DRL download... If there is a policy to post hotfix releases to begin with, or if there is ever going to be a release at all.

Kornel Kisielewicz:
Dark Secrets is totally silent, both the on-site and MP3 download - others work fine :/


There was an issue with it, but i think i fixed it now. Try dropping the browser's cache and downloading it again.


--- Quote @ 2017-04-03T10:09:47Z
It seems that i've uploaded a broken file; Now i'm counting the seconds untill i get to fix it, resignedly waiting for someone to point it out to me, and half-hoping and half-fearing that nobody does.

--- End quote ---

Guess i wasn't fast enough, after all.


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