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Cyber Killer:
Vorbis version?


--- Quote from: Cyber Killer on November 06, 2010, 10:09 ---Vorbis version?

--- End quote ---
I think the FLAC version would be more useful.

Game Hunter:
I really like it. I would consider speeding up the drums in general, though: DooM was usually pretty hard-hitting when it came to its music. Naturally the very beginning/end can have a lead-in to what would be the denser percussion, but the music (not tempo, mind you, that's fine where it is) just feels slow early on, is the impression I get. It may be better off with a slightly softer introduction after the first four bars, too: I can see where Kornel is coming from, when the lead guitar jumps out at you. Personally, I would just use a crescendo in those first four, so the sudden jump in volume isn't as sudden.

Also, if you want this to work best in-game, make sure it can loop without any break in the song. DoomRL handles seamless music very well.

Game Hunter:

I've taken most of your comments into consideration and applied a few fixes to address some of the more problematic issues that, i have to admit, didn't really occur to me until i was told about them.

Please note that this specific tune is intended for the title screen, and as such does not strictly need a strong and pronounced percussion. A potential special level theme, on the other hand, would. In addition, the title music in DoomRL does not currently loop, though it could change with time. Nevertheless, i removed the pause in the wave file and played with the envelope a bit to make the transition a little smoother, but it won't work for the midi.

Proponents of alternative audio formats:

The mp3 version was produced by running the midi file through Timidity++ with a wave file as the output and Fluid as the soundfont, then compressing the wave. By this i am implying that anyone with a similar (or better!) setup could produce the track in any desired format and that, in my opinion, the sound quality of the source file is not high enough to warrant worrying about quality loss during conversion.

Despite the above, i made the requested files. Make of it what you may.

w00t w00t!  You da man, Simon-v!

* thelaptop waits for the wrath of the god hand to descend on him


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