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Malek Deneith:
"A small issue"
"It shouldn't be a problem to heroes of your caliber"
Oh it's always "small problem" and "easily solved" when people hire you, and they expect for you to take the cheapest pay. One does wonder why don't they solve them by themselves if they are so easy. The thing was, that with half of your small group near broke, you needed to take the job. The task itself was fairly straightforward, if not necessarily easy to finish - something was pillaging and burning small settlements near the city of Fallcrest. You were hired to track it down and kill it. What was it exactly was a less clear matter - of few survivors some claimed they saw a dragon, others talked about a pack of dog-like creatures. Whatever it was, the destruction it caused was rather easy to follow, and it seemed you might be near catching up with it soon.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)Blergh. Sorry for the crappy intro, but there was no good entry point to adventure itself so I had to make something up. For now you have some time to talk to each other and do some exposition.

Varis stood leaning against a tree as he surveyed his surroundings.

"Heh.  Track and kill."

On the front of the group, clad in a loose, flowing robe of surprisingly unremarkable fawn colour, young genasi women marched. Her skin jet black was adorned with a meticulous chalk-white pattern stretching from her ankles (oddly she was shoeless- probably the first person you've seen walking like that that was not a halfling) through her entire body up to the cheeks, a tattoo probably, though it could have also been the natural body-mark of genasi race. Her elemental affliction was revealed by a small nimbus of smokeless reddish flames sprouting from her, head matched by eyes that looked more like a pair of cinders. More perceptive of you could also spot some very faint shimmer in the air around her, as if she was surrounded by some sort of mystical aura- though it should not come as a surprise, given that she was a spellsword.

'I just hope that this villager who talked about the dragon was delusional...' she said, admiring the destruction that lied in front of them.

As far as you remembered, her name was Kin, but she admitted that it was of a moniker, not her real name, which she deemed to be to embarrassing to reveal.

The half-elf with brown hair, and hazel eyes stopped strumming her lute and sat back "Well, it wouldn't be as surprising as some of the stories Father told me when I was younger." As she got up, she revealed that she was quite tall. Dressed in Finemail, and carrying around a very nice looking lute, This one was always ready for adventure. Always. Based on her parents, it should've come as no surprise.

You could all remember her name clearly, for her introduction was quite long: " I am Thersys Dawntracker Uthadar. Daughter of Pender Uthadar, Famous adventurer, and Janmorel Dawntracker, Priestess of Corellon. Half-Sister to the heirs of the Uthadar adventuring legacy, Norian and Aden Uthadar. Pleased to meet you."

Spoiler (click to show/hide)Well, here it is. The first female introduced in the Uthadar family. Some background: The Uthadar line has always been known for producing adventurers of some fame for a long time, maybe generations. It's said that the family began long ago with Yentiln Uthadar, a well-known and strong ranger, and his wife, Krissys Dragonsbane, A Warlock of of great power. The first Child, Marroar Uthadar was said to have saved the world from its end, thus starting the line to where it is today. Every Uthadar seems to pick up adventuring at some point, no matter what. It fades, but it usually lasts until well into the age of 40. It's called The Wanderlust, and is of course, important to the Uthadars.

...I can't believe I made a history for a D&D adventuring family. Oh well. That's life.

S.K. Ren:
  A small giggle could be heard from the back of the group. Your eyes are met with the form of a thin woman. Wasn't she at the front of the group? Either way she was behind you now. Removing her hood, you could see something protruding from beneath her long black hair. Horns... a Tiefling. Her skin however lacked the hues most common in Tieflings, it was much more ashen and pale with an almost sickly quality to it. Her eyes lacked both pupils and irises; Her steely blue eyes giving off a faint ethereal glow.

  Looking at her, the name Aile comes to mind. Yes, Aile K'traz, that is what she introduced herself as. A wandering Warlock who eagerly joined your band of miscreants on your adventures. She was short -only 5'1"- and had a thin frame, but was often one of the last to complain of tiredness from traveling.

"I've always wanted to see a dragon up close ...And watch it fall "
She sighed, keeping that last bit to herself.


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