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Berserk 7DRL - DAY 2


Kornel Kisielewicz:
Okay, I didn't doo much yesterday, but I decided that it boosts my motivation to release a binary every day. Except from the official changes, I quickly hacked in a few features to make it a little more interesting.


Official features:
-- missile combat added
-- look mode added (press "l" to invoke, ESC to exit)
-- commented and documented the code

Hack features:
-- repeating crossbow added (60r shots) "f" to target, "f" to fire
-- fairydust added ("F" to use -- full heal and pain removal)
-- new monster

I'm interested in what tactical role will the rep. crossbow get, and what feature of fairydust (healing or pain removal) has priority :). I'm also interested on the tactics change towards the new monster (the bulldemon is strong, strudy and slower).

[edit] Ugh! The wait command doesn't work in this version -- please consider that as a tactical challange :D

Malek Deneith:
107 beasts and 12 bulldeamons.

@Crossbow - I used it as bulldemon removal - it's too powerfull to waste it on regular beasts

@Fairydust - hmmm... tough one - right now I feel that healing is more imprtant, though geeting -20 pain (sic) at late game when I was swarmed wasn't fun

@No resting - ironicly it made game more dynamical, but crossbow and fairydust seem to give a sporting chance - at least thats what it seems after a one game - maby I just got lucky ^^"

[edit]Oh, and a few times I knocked bulldemon two spaces at one hit - is this intentional?

Kornel Kisielewicz:
155 beasts and 25 bulldemons, beat that :D

Quoting: MalekOh, and a few times I knocked bulldemon two spaces at one hit - is this intentional?
Yes. Knockback is based on damage dealt.

Quoting: Kornel Kisielewicz155 beasts and 25 bulldemons, beat that :D

196 beasts and 27 bulldemons.

EDIT: 217 beasts and 29 bulldemons.

Could the crossbow be used to shoot 3 enemies next to each other in stead of shooting one 3 times? Would be useful when being run over by a group of beasts.


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