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Berserk advancement, levels and gameplay

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Malek Deneith:
Ok, sory for late reply but I am at school, and was witout internet access until today. I agree that 2nd option is the best - 3rd makes sense if you'd want to develop berserk further after 7DRL contest - right now there isn't enough time to make that option worth the amount work it would take.

Oh, and I like Jorge Alonso's idea of day & night periods ^^

2. Daycount

In my opinion, you can set up this in another way, a bit different.

Make it a time limited battle (ex. 1.000 turns).. As the day finishes, monsters escapes & prepare for a new assault tomorrow.
After 1.000 turns, based on how many monsters you have killed, you are awarded XP to increase stats / traits / whatelse and you can replenish character's stock.

You can also add 2 different version: a kind of "siega game" where the char has a "city" to defend (similar to map Town, but with many chokepoints) or a free battle on a terrain generated random.
"City" will be "damaged" during the battle, so walls, houses, doors.. they are all destructable (but it is not so easy to destroy a wall).

My 2 eurocents

Well, to add some replay value, I think the most important thing (be it in mode 1,2 or 3) is adding some option for character development/getting items.

The game becomes much richer when you have to think out where do you spend your points, what weapons you buy, what traits/perks you get, etc., so maybe I'm more inclined to the order 2,3,1.

2 first because it's easier than 3 and it would make character development and phases different, and I think it would be a cool thing to have. Then 3 because campaing sounds very cool. Last 1 because it's the most boring, in my opinion, having always the same.

However, in the final version it'd be nice to have all 3 modes :)

Character advancement ... well, imho there are 3 ways:

- Trait as you level up ingame (DoomRL)
- Trait + skill ( la Adom), getting higher on use/abuse & trait for level
- Skill based ( la Dungeon Crawl), the more you use the skill, the more it gets higher.

Now that I've played the game a couple of times, I can certainly say - 2.

Daycount the way Igor Savin described it seems very good.

As for a killcount, I suggest that it should be .ini definable.
I find it comforting NOT knowing just how badly I might be doing. I manage to get alot more out of my last 10 HPs without comparing it with the rest of my game.

And semi-OOC, where do you suggest I get a compiler for FreePascal (that's what you've used here, right?)?
Although I doubt it, will TurboPascal7 work...?


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