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Berserk 7DRL - DAY 5


Kornel Kisielewicz:
Ok, I failed to do a release yesterday :(. I made a quick release now -- no fun new features just a couple quick things added that NEED to be tested. There WILL be another release today in the evening, so keep your eyes open.


Official features:
-- bugfixes only

Unofficial features:
-- monster with ranged attack!
-- upped Sweep a little
-- added armor
-- fixed a bug with high strength attacks -- they were 16d6 instead of 3d6!
-- added attribute choice

What I would like you to test is mainly the usefullness of given stat combinations, and the tactical impact of the ranged monster (idea is to make the player run around more ;->). Also check the upgraded sweep, and test wether the Nightmare and Mandagore aren't to wimpy now :/.

Malek Deneith:
Hunters are a good idea, but something seems to be f**** up with spawn rates in thease release - not only hunters appear right away, but bulls/mandragoras appear reeeealy fast also, and they come in larger numbers thatn before - in 4th day version I survived about 120-150 beasts, in this opne I live about 60

Oh, and monsters can still spawn at unaccesable edge of the map - which is particullary annoying in cease of hunters


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