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What Kind of Characters Do You Usually Create?


So, what kind of characters are you usually playing with? My characters are usually something like this:

Strength: 13-14  -- Minimum to actually deal some damage. 14 seems to be enough for killing hunters in one blow.

Dexterity: 13-14 -- It's not fun to get hit all the time, and it's also nice to actually hit something. It's pretty expensive, so I won't take more than 14.

As for the rest, both endurance and willpower are useful. Taking some willpower really pays back on those tight situations where you need energy for both the sweep and running.

Malek Deneith:
Seriously? I fare quite well with putting all in Willpower - IMO it's the single most important attribute - I can kill well enough withouth strenght, live long enough w/o endurance or dextrity. But playing without Wilpower is a suicide - yog get pian-owned in no time... on the other hand full willpower char, might not have too much hp, but you don't suffer from pain that much, and once you go berserk it's going to last until YOU cancel it using fairydust (trust me you can live longer than it seems despite low hp and evasion)

If you want that kind of a build, 20 willpower is enough. How many kills do you get with this kind of a build? I tried it around a little bit and I could only get 250 kills, my current record being 560 kills.

The problem with this build is that you are pretty powerless without berserk, and your damage isn't anything astonishing even in berserk. Because berserk doubles your damage putting a few points to strength really boosts this up. And with that dexterity I couldn't hit anything with the bow.

Kornel Kisielewicz:
Hah someone noted the power of Will :D


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