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My word of warning conserning that torrent (the one containing volumes 1-30).

It has chapters copy & pasted together into one folder for each volume, and nothing has been done to their names, so there will be files named "13.jpg" and "131.jpg" and you probably now into what order these files will go. There also seemed to be chapters by different groups mixed together (I'm not sure about this, but it really seemed so, cause the fonts changed between different chapters.)

So I recommend you to get the Band of the Hawks torrent for volume 4 and onwards (or buy the kick ass quality Dark Horse translations).

Malek Deneith:
Aye, I have admit that there are voulems that are a bit messed up - but so far only 13-th one was really messed up from those I've read. (Oh and "quality Dark Horse translations" aren't an option for everyone - Berserk wasn't released here in Poland, niether by Dark Horse, nor by any of our local manga releasing groups :P)

Berserk is among the best thing to happen to our world in terms of manga. Thanks for sharing!

Malek Deneith:
One question for more knowledgable people - why does that young with look so surpirsed while looking at Gatts sword (after he refused to take any magical items from her) - is this explained later?

Berserk pixel art.  I'm hooked on this manga now. :)


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