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Kornel Kisielewicz:
Welcome to forums!

This new forum is based on the excellent SMF Forum engine. It is far superior to the old minibb engine, and in my opinion better then the everyewhere-present phpBB.

Forum options and skin has been a little modified to suit my vision, althought there will be undoubtely more changes in the future. If you have any requests or ideas post a reply to this topic!

Please keep in mind that I'm a little psycho about how the forum looks like :-). On the old forum there were pre-made postcount based avatars, and I was realy proud of how "tidy" the forum looked like because of that. To preserve that tidiness I'd like you to follow a few guidelines:

* Please do not put images in your signatures.
* Avatars are disabled, but if you want one (and have at least 10 posts) then you can apply to the moderators to set you one up. To maintain forum tidiness I would want to ask you to have the avatar meet the following criteria:

* be black and white (eventualy sepia or with a slight coloring)
* be 64x64 in dimension (maybe change that to 80x80?)
* be not outright silly (no homer simpson with his naked ass please)
* Smilies are disabled, but you can still write them as the world created them ;]
* DO NOT OVERUSE FORMATTING. Plain text is good for almost everything. Boldface and italics are fine, but increasing font size and changing color without good reasons is not.
P.S. The memberlist was moved too, so you can login with the minibb username/password. If you experience problems with this, please notify me on the IRC channel, or send an e-mail to Kornel.Kisielewicz at gmail dot com.

have fun, and post your comments!

Santiago Zapata:
Dont know if it is just me, but seems the background image is not loading completely on long threads? I mean, it is not repeating fully (see the First victory thread from fortunato)

Kornel Kisielewicz:
Yeah I know, it's a bug with the skin. I'll fix it someday :-P

Santiago Zapata:
Yeah... other than that, it is looking awesome ;)

Kornel Kisielewicz:
Okay, I made a temporary fix of that... by making the backgroud fixed :>. You may need to force-reload to catch the new stylesheet. BTW, update your profile :>


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