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Seven Waves - an Exalted PbP [OOC]


'Oh, don't look at me like that... It is not my fault that my mother was not quite native to the Creation, and I am definitely not going to consume your emotions or soul. Really. Anyway. You want to hear the story, right? Well then, where do we begin...

This is the OOC topic for Seven Waves, a game of Exalted set on a small island in the West, dangerously close to the bordermarches, endangered by an onslaught of cruel bandits, and of the island's protectors, a rag-tag bunch of exalts drawn there in a curious twist of Fate. Theirs is the power, but the bandits are uncountable- and so, no one can be sure if the Exalted manage to save the villagers from grim, gritty end.

Current player rooster consists of:
-Malek, our favourite inquisitor, starring as Blind Dawn, Dawn Caste Lawgiver
-Xander_Morhaime as Light of True Judgement, Adamant Caste Alchemical, stranger to the Creation

I am willing to accept more players into the game, but:
*I would prefer the more ordinary splat of Exalts, that is Solars and Terrestials, those want to play as something more exotic should give me a damm good reason for such exalt to participate in the defence of a backwater village
*I am using all official errata, available through Scroll of Errata on DriveThru RPG- and it is important, because the errata changes many rules, including the character genertaion
*Exalted is a new system for me, so when thing come to blows, I will have to rely on help of more experienced players to run the combat smoothly enough - so don't expect your GM to be an expert in the field of rules.
*Merits and Flaws on case by case basis, players start with 75 XP to spend at character creation.

So, any volunteers?

Hmm... what is a PbP? Play-by-Phorum..? :P

Play-by-Post, alternative term for Play-by-Forum


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