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WHOAA! Diablo is one of my fav titles, and "tuned" by Mr. Kornel, it becomes a MUST have it! The first time I saw it I felt soul-touched...

Malek Deneith:
Sorry to disappoint you but DiabloRL is abandoned since long ago (more specificly Kornel made it open-source and left for anyone who wishes to finish it... apparently no one with suitable knowledge had time/will to do so)

Huh. That sorta sucks.
As a "I have a lot to do, but..." sort of thing, I could mess with it in the not-very-near future. Someone yell at me in a few months.

Angles of death:
Diablo rl......abandoned?NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!:'[ well....At least we will always have doom rl.

Wait it is still being updated?fuc*ing sweet!

Uh it's not abandoned. Not at all, it's even being actively worked on these days...


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