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Book download links sent.

For Gargulec's case, should I do the availability=requisition thing from the book for equipment or try to convert between requisition and thrones?  Also, I'm assuming you're using Ascension, do ascended careers have different starting gear or should I give you a requisition amount to "buy" standard-issue gear?

Nah, I do not want to use ascension, for I have only core DH and Inquisitor Handbook. I would just want the 13000XP to spend on a pristine character.

(Though I may take a look at ascension, TBH)

And just give me some thrones, I will buy myself everything I need. :P

Alright, after a little thinking and liking this idea less and less, I've got 2 ideas for gear.  Either you get tons of thrones and are limited to what you can carry to a mission, or you get to buy gear on a per mission basis like the marines have to.

If I may: I envision my character as personal envoy of an Inquisitor, if not an Inquisitor in training him/herself, so I would rather have my own gear.

Yeah, that's pretty much what I meant with the tons of thrones idea.  How much do you think would be appropriate?


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