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DiabloRL ported to Valkyrie 0.4.1 - testers needed

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Bugs I found so far:
Only the weapon slot seems to work. Was able to put different weapons and also a shield into it, but putting a shield into the "Shield" slot doesn't work. Torso & Head also don't work.

Using potions also doesn't work.

Gold doesn't stack and I end up with a full inventory really quick.

I assume you tried to emulate the tile system from Diablo and the numbers behind the item are their size (e.g. "A cap [2]" = two tiles). But it doesn't really work that way. In case of that cap I had to drop three piles of gold.
Edit: Err [2] = Armor value... But the cap shows up as size "4" in th einventory screen but when I do drop/pickup tests with gold piles it still only adds up to three.

Malek Deneith:
DaEezT (geeez, what name) - the number [2] is the AC of cap... and cap itself takes 2x2 space in diablo - so if you had one space left you had to drop 3 piles of gold

Ye, I propably I still had one left.
I had a hard time staying alive with that first char (no potions or armor). But I managed to clear church lvl 1 with my second char so I have enough piles for testing now. And so far the inventory space systems seems to be working fine.

One thing that bugs me is that you can't easily switch weapons. You have to unequip your current one and then equip the new one. That means you have to have enough space in your inventory to place your current weapon in it. Would be really nice if I could just select the new one and press [Enter] and have the game switch them if there is enough inv space for the old one left.

Kornel Kisielewicz:
Probably all of those are bugs resulted from porting. You can now stop playing this version -- I'll post another one soon.

Kornel Kisielewicz:
Okay, I fixed the wear/use bug, the shop seems to work now. Except for the conversations, everything should work as in the 7DRL version. Find that invisimonster bug now, and check wether anything else is broken:



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