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One 'hell' of a party


I generally ignore the levers, as they generally cause more trouble than  they are worth, but just for a change (some where past Level 10) i foolishly decided to give one a push.  Suddenly my dungeon room became much crowded as 2 Hell Knights, 1 Baron of Hell and 2 Anrchnatrons decided to drop in on me.  After overcoming my initial shock I decided to check what I had in my backpack for situations like this, finding a phase device I press 'u' to use it.  Holy crap suddenly 1 more baron of Hell, 1 former human commander and another arachnatron drop in to join the party.  What the Hell???...Oh yeah 'u' is also the key for handeling levers :)
Just as 8 sets of eyes finally settle on me I carefully step of the lever and phase the hell out of there.

lol, the U for levers AND items gets annoying

Heh, I'm avoiding the levers too, but once I get cought in a similar fashion, when trying to use a medkit several times wondering why the key got stuck :)

Well, I did use the levers for level-scumming a couple of times but got bored of that. It's best somewhere around level 3-5 with the chaingun. The worst monster spanwed is a chaingun former human, so you can usually (95%+ of the time) kill them all before they even become active. And with those former humans spawning, you won't ever run out of ammo too. If you've still got a health globe or two on the level, you can survive for a loooooong time. The most I ever did was getting to about 6/25% on level 5, and I had a supercharge globe nearby.  But this gets boring really quick, and levels aren't that important in doomRL anyway, so I stopped. But if someone had the patiencce, they could probably develop pretty much a walking tank in early levels. Plus you get a lot of points for this too, so it's a win win.

Kornel Kisielewicz:
*giggles* That party sounds fun! I'm joining in. May I bring my trusty BFG, and a bottle of Plazma? :-D


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