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As Brother Armitael, and Brother Verran go about their daily activities in Watch Fortress Erioch, they are each approached by a serf, who waits for them to complete whatever the task at hand happens to be before telling them. "Sir you are needed in the Briefing Room," and motioning to follow him.

Xander Morhaime:
Verran had been in the middle of mid-day prayer and weapon maintenance, seeing to the ceremonial blade he'd brought with him as a reminder of his home chapter. Once those tasks were finished, he quietly nodded, sheathing the sword and strapping it to his belt before following the serf to see what was required of him.

Armitael was polishing his skills with the chainsword, his very weapon of choice as Space Marine. Maintaining the weapon was also one of his favorite tasks, as it involved with knowing the inner workings that allows him to cut down the heretical enemies that threaten the peace brought by the Emperor, blessed be he. As he was finishing, the serf came to communicate him that he was needed in the Briefing Room, so he followed it to know the reason why he was being called.

The serfs lead you through the corridors of the watch fortress in silence.  The two Battle-Brothers' paths converged in the last corridor before reaching the briefing room.  The serfs each stopped before reaching the door and stood on either side of it, waiting for the Marines to enter before heading off to another task.  An armored form bearing the markings of a Watch Captain is standing on the other side of a table.  He motions for Verram and Armitael to come to the table.  Another form is standing beside him, a small woman clad in red carapace armor adorned with many purity seals.  She appears out of place until you notice the rosette, identifying her as an inquisitor.

Xander Morhaime:
Brother Verran wasn't warm and welcoming at the best of times... seeing the inqusitorial rosette, his expression alone probably caused the temperature to drop by a few degrees.

Rather than address the stranger, though, he turned to the Watch Captain, paying due respect to his commander. "The foes of the Emperor have raised their heads again?" he said, tone rather flat, more a statement than a question. He doubted he would have been called from his duties otherwise, after all...


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