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Didn't see one of these yet, and it seems like a good idea. So, let me start off with a little poll: AoMr chained court: yea or nay? Personally I like to go the normal route, because I rarely am equipped to tackle the arena OR the altered chained court by the time I face them in AoMr. Add to that the chance of better items and I almost invariably take the normal route. I might take the chained court route if I'm really hurting for health, or if I need an early EXP boost by killing those cacos that like to hang out there after I skipped the arena.

If you haven't beaten the Arena, you have no reason not to take the Chained Court. Guaranteed exp and ammo, and it's stupidly easy.

If you have beaten the Arena, you still should unless you don't have the resources to take the Master. The Arena Master's Staff is amazing when you find a pack of Lost Souls (or spawn in one on a new level!) and it guarantees your ability to get the two Agility mods - already putting you halfway to two Speedloader Pistols.

That staff does many powerful and thought to be impossible things.

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--- Quote from: Deathwind on February 27, 2011, 20:40 ---That staff does many powerful and thought to be imposable things.

--- End quote ---


Where does one find schematics anyway?


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