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--- Quote from: bleak on February 28, 2011, 11:32 ---I've also never managed to defeat the arena on HNTR AoMr, simply because all you have is a pistol with level 2 SoG and maybe a couple med packs.
--- End quote ---
Arena with the entrance on L:2 is probably not a viable exercise for HNTR AoMr runs. Arena with the entrance on L:3 is another matter. The variance in the amount of armour and medicine you have at the end of L:3 is huge, no matter what difficulty you're playing on; some games I've had sucky luck and played badly and ended up with none left of either; others I've had amazing luck and finished L:3 with ten medpacks and four armours.

And of course, the Arena's difficulty is subject to hideous variance itself, due to the large random factors that apply (position of enemies; layout of pillars).

(Not that I've actually completed the Arena on AoMr, as far as I can remember...)

Completing the arena with AoMr isn't too hard using the same general strategy as with shotguns, you just need a lot of patience and a lot of ammo to waste firing blindly around corners until you actually hit anything.

I'm was too cowardly to try take on the Arena Master last time, though.

I've found that you usually hit level 3 during the arena then DG makes it a breeze as long as they don't all swarm you at once.

My turn to ask a question.  Phaseshift armor or tactical armor?

Game Hunter:
Phaseshift is going to be faster (especially if you mod it) but there's a rather large knockback penalty and doesn't regenerate. If you're crunched for space, keep the tactical armor, but otherwise have the phaseshift ready for speeding through tight spots (or if you actually want the knockback).


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