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--- Quote from: Deathwind on February 27, 2011, 21:06 ---Where does one find schematics anyway?

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Spoiler (click to show/hide)Hell's Armory, pull the lever, kill the guy.
I'm assuming you meant in-game, if you just want them now they're on the wiki.


--- Quote from: Deathwind on February 27, 2011, 21:06 ---Where does one find schematics anyway?

--- End quote ---
HAr HAr HAr...

Simon-v should get the reference.  ;-)

I've got mods here but no schematics...

The question of whether or not to do them on AoMr is just a difficulty level thing. On HMP or less, then definately do both. On UV or N! it really does depend on equipment and experience.

But you do get a supercharge, a large healthpack, 2 agility mods and the staff after you've finished them, and a lot of XP as well. On HMP or less the new arena is pretty easy really. Grab the chainsaw, grab the berserk packs, change back to pistol and head left. Kill the arena master whilst totally ignoring everything else. Then kill everything else. Get either some nice tactical boots or agility modded pistols for your troubles. You can kill the arena master whilst still berserk almost every time (saving you stacks of health while peons shoot you).

It's a very nice bonus early in the game if you do both levels on AoMr.

I've tried AoMr on HNTR plenty of times and in a lot of ways it feels harder than AoMr on HMP. The thing that hurts the most is the lack of experience. in that scenario, I am maybe level 6 by the time I get to level 15, and so the bruise brothers are a tad difficult to take on. I've also never managed to defeat the arena on HNTR AoMr, simply because all you have is a pistol with level 2 SoG and maybe a couple med packs. Not sure how you're meant to handle all the demons and like, what, six cacodemons with just a pistol. At least on AoSh I've got a combat shotgun, but in that case it's dead easy. I'm assuming it's (meaning AoMr arena on HNTR) just massively difficult to do, but I also imagine if you can pull it off you'll be set for the rest of the game, especially if you're also able to take out the arena master. But I don't see that happening. HMP? Sure, but not HNTR.


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