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Author Topic: Enlightenment  (Read 3204 times)


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« on: March 12, 2011, 08:21 »


Now this RP will be somewhat different then the others. I don't want it like total domination against each other, but more or less hero parties. Working together to accomplish something whether it be the classic evil villain scenario or bettering a planet's culture. If this takes off, we can decide on a story together (AKA all the participants).

Now there is no story until we all decide on one if this takes off, but the gist of it is. You create your character, its race, its talent. Anything you choose honestly. Your background story AKA Introduction whether it be you are from the world or from another on a mission Warhammer style. Now, the RP itself will take place on a world (we can decide the name) which has many origin races and outsiders. Not so much drawing of a map but using our many characters backgrounds to decide on areas, continents, terrains, etc.

The basic plot is united heroes/heroines of different races united to accomplish the task at hand. We can do it so in evolves around one specifics enemy or have it developed under numerous stories such as one week for example, a mission to destroy a tyrant, or another week to build more up on civilization. Natives to the home world more or less can range from Primitive races to animal like races. Primitive being humans for example and animal like dogs, cats etc. You choose what you are. For all I care you can be a Martian with unlimited profound knowledge.


1: No god-mode RP.

2: 1 character per person

3: Each character can have 5 physical attributes (Anything involving the structure of their body)

4: Each character can have 5 Mental attributes (Anything involving will, such as magic)

5: Only 1 person can be the antagonist (If a story happens about some tyrant, one person can be voted on as the evil doer).



These are examples of races I designed, just to show you the format of race creation. All the information I include here should be included in a character creation:

RACE: Dullwin

HOME: Lazelon Continent (A continent on this planet that offers all types of terrain)

APPEARANCE: Humanoid creatures much in the shape of man (Humans). But despite being human-like creatures, there are many differences. The few difference between Dullwin's and humans are: Bat-like OR Angelic-like wings adorning their hip areas; a dorsal fin custom to their upper back; Hooves-structures replacing their feet (goat); Two sets of eye-lids; and skin as tough as hide.



Ability to fly (Bat-like or Angel-like wings)

Ability to swim at remarkable speeds (Dorsal fin)

Ability to run fast (Goat-like hooves)

Ability to see remarkably well in all conditions (Two-sets of eye lids)

Ability to withstand a lot of physical damage (Hide-Like Skin)


Shapeshift aerial (Become aerial creatures)

Shapeshift Aquatic (Become aquatic creatures)

Shapeshift land (Become land creatures)

Shapeshift immoble (Become immoble things such as rocks and trees)

Shapeshift Limbs (Can shift his limbs into anything he chooses. Creating such animals as phoenixs, griffons, etc)


Dullwin names are often related strongly to nature alone.

They often wear animal hides for clothing.

Despise the use of anything other than naturally occurring substances.

Many Dullwin choose to live on mountains or oceans.


That was an example of race you can create using your imagination. It wasn't god-like. Basically to sum that all up is Dullwin's bodies are designed in all forms of life and they can become any form life. They're not super strong, just can vary and adapt.

You can virtually design anything you choose. Another example would be a race depending on technology such as guns and stuff. Just be creative.




Grim Wastes - A baron-like desert home to numerous of the most vicious creatures of the planet. The desert is very hot and dry and is very scarce on water and plants. This desert stretches roughly 600 miles (1000 Kilometers) in length from east to west and 300 miles (500 Kilometers) North to south.

Forest of Haze - Home of the Dullwin tribe, Glidetomb. The forest of Haze was noted as a miracle since it's existence was highly improbable to the fact it lays in the dead center of the Grim Wastes. The Forest got its name from the well known fact that the cool air from the forest mixed with the heat of the desert to produce a permanent fog which imprisoned the forest making it nearly impossible to see with 20x20 vision (perfect human eyes).

Ruins of Mas-tet - Mas-tet was once a great city till the time of the Sin wars when it was wiped clear off the planet. Nothing lays in its place now but the rubble of collapsed buildings. This cemetery-like city is still a home to the few remaining Mas-Tetians. Mas-Tetians are a cute anthro-cat race. The Ruins of Mas-tet lay just north of the Grim Wastes in a place known as Morphiliac Chambres.

Morphiliac Chambres - Morphiliac Chambres is quiet literally the most wide open area in all of the planet. It is nothing but 3600 miles (6000 kilometers) of plains east to west. The plains are home to the more simple of creatures such as herds of cattle, sheep, deer, etc. The Morphiliac Chambres is home to many other races and cultures. It is mainly a farming area. It is quite well known for its housing of refugees during the Sin wars. Among this toll was the City of Mas-tet which now lays to ruins.

The Shokan Groves - This place was believed to be a forest that had a mind of its own, one moment you could be walking along the hard trodden paths of its depths the next youre in an open plane, the forest some leagues away. No one knows why they vanish and appear as such, but when moving through them it is infinitely possible that you will get lost in the beautiful, alien, and magical place, one thing that has never changed about the groves is that if you stay on the path you will always find your way, though the occasional tree will force you to side step....

Zyrien Heights (Shokan Groves) - The grassy plain that the trees "travel" across is called the Zyrien heights after the once glorious race who rebelled against a cruel mercenary troop and won the turning battle on that plane, it is said that the groves were planted for the fallen Zyrien as a token, and as a remembrance. Some believe that the grove covers the entire field and only vanishes into the nether plane so the dead can admire it as well....Though that is a rare opinion due to the fact that the Zyrien had won the battle....why would there be so many dead? The field has been nick-named Shokan hunting grounds, as when someone is caught in the groves snare of beauty they find it hard to move on.

Avianos - A long time ago a group of powerful, yet evil sorcerers intended to lift a portion of Lazelon and drop it onto itself. However, they sorcerers were slain before they could complete this however, and the magic that was used to lift the portion out of Lazelon still holds, making it a floating land. The inhabitants have dubbed it Avianos. It is above the Morphiliac Chambres.

Mahnri Mountains - A range of mountains that are on Avianos, originally part of a much greater range of mountains, but were separated when the sorcerers lifted the chunk of land that help that portion of them out of the ground.

Gerronin Sands (Geruidon City) - The Geruidon city is in the center of the Gerronin sands Though the city is the busiest, and largest city since Mas'tet. The Gerronin sands...on the other hand, is not as frequented as the City that lies in its center......Monsters have been said to be migrating from the grim wastes and taking up residence in the abysmal sands. The Terrok tribes have started to be more aggressive and can even be seen wandering the roads. If some one is unlucky enough to be caught by an ambush of the Terrok you will most likely not make it out alive...and certainly not unscathed.

Hyreian Post - The capital city of Lazelon was home to more then One-million residents from more then twenty races. The city was large, adorned with stone towers that were said to scrape the sky. It was called an area itself in Lazelon due to its wide spread-out layout. The city had consisted with 3 factions; The market-area; The residential area; and the tourist area. The market-area was world renoun as it had sold anything from customized weapons, to rare fruits. The residential area was a site for many people as it had showed beautiful homes and happy children. The tourist area was the faction that had the INN's and Pubs. It was often decorated for the seasons.


The Four Domains:

The Catayclysts: No information known

The Selestial: No information known

Qer'la: No information known

Maize'Tel: No information known


C'lastiyl - A race of known cannibalistic creatures. They are strong in honour and family. Their beliefs are strong in that devouring another warrior is a way to gain their strengths. Known to inhabit the Catayclysts.

Jae'Norheal - Inhabitants of the Selestial. They appear as ghost but often take the form of fallen warriors.

Demilon - An extremely dangerous inhabitant of the Qer'la. The intelligent but primal offspring of an Eidolon and a Hellion. They retain the ability to change into stone or mist, and also retain the ability to conjure fire, but do not inherit any other traits. They are both soulless and fearless. They are wolflike in form, skeletal but with the Hellion signature flaming hair.

Pathenonii: Extremely dangerous sadistic beings coming from the Maize'Tel region that take pleasure in pain and dishing it out. They have a strange venom that actually keeps you alive no matter what they do to you, the pain, however, is amplified three times, and during that time, they usually will peel the skin off your leg very slowly, and just get giddy from the screams of the tortured. They are hyena-like in form, but are skinless and have no eyes, but have a heightened sense of smell, and hearing. While their venom is extremely dangerous, can be mixed in with formulas that can save ones' life.



The Sin Wars - Nothing uncovered of this yet but the involvement of the city of Mas-Tet.

Zyrien Oppression - Refer to "Zyrien Heights"

















Notes: A group of off-world humans have recently landed on the planet. These people rely on technology. There current equipment is armored infantry, assault walkers, and V-TOL Units. Tech is similar to Starcraft/Mechwarror.

My Character:

Malcolm Voss:

Physical Attributes:

Unusually Strong (Genetic Enhancement)

Unusually Fast (Genetic enhancement)

Night Vision (Bionic Eye)

Fast Reflexes: (Genetic enhancement)

Excellent vision: (Genetic/ Bionic enhancement)
Mental Attributes

Disciplined (Years of Military Service)

Psionics: Hallucinations (Psi Powers, Self-Defined)

Psionics: Attacks (Psi Powers, Harms)

Psionics: Body (Psi Powers, Heals)

Psionics: Defensive (Psi powers, Defends)

Malcolm is an assault commander and a psych. Hes been described as a little eccentric, and after military training since he was twelve, he is well disciplined, and possessed of a somewhat good nature. He has blue eye, brown hair, and is of possible Nordic descent. He has also during the military training was gentically enhanced and lost his eye in a recent engagement and it was replaced with a bionic eye.

We all walk a dark path...for there are only shadows. Some lighter, and some darker...but shadows all the same.

For all life is a shade of grey.
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