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Author Topic: Enlightenment Races: Connected to Enlightenment RP  (Read 5987 times)


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Enlightenment Races: Connected to Enlightenment RP
« on: March 12, 2011, 08:23 »


HOME: The Nether - a dark place that is neither good nor evil. It is inhabited solely and completely by Eidolons of all descriptions. The Nether is connected to all realms, yet is a part of none of them; there is a chamber located within its labyrinthine depths known as the Chamber to All Places, guarded by one of the fiercest Greater Eidolons, one of the few who has True Sight, to prevent those who are not escorted by another Greater Eidolon from entering the Nether. Eidolons within this realm benefit from a vastly increased power level, able to fashion their citadels from the vast, dungeon-like realm. The realm itself consists of a single, massive planet that appears to be simply a huge gothic dungeon, hanging in the twisting red, black and golden energies that make up the sky. Many citadels of varying size adorn the skies of the Nether.

APPEARANCE: Varies, but always has a demonic, skeletal theme

COMMON PROFESSION: Fiend, evil mastermind, villain... you get the idea.

Shapechange - can solidify into stone or dissolve into mist at will.

Can take 4 of the following abilities:


?Snapping Tongue - similar to the Xenomorphs from the Alien trilogy

?Concealed Claws - Wolverine style


?Wound Regeneration - can pull itself together like Majin Buu

?Enhanced Senses

?Venom-Barbed Tail

?Shooting Quills

?Shadow Breath - breath weapon that chokes and obscures vision

Soulless - immune to soul-related abilities.

Mindless Will - immune to fear, compulsions, charms and possession.

Can take 3 of the following abilities:

?Awakened Power (allows the Eidolon to tap into their inner power to attack from a distance)

?Spell Shield (an actively used shield that reflects magic back at its caster)

?True Sight (can see something for what they are, whatever form they take)

?Possession (can possess any living being, Ing-style)

?Soul Drain (drains the life essence of a living being until interrupted or the target is dead)

?Gaze of Atrophy (causes anyone meeting the Eidolon's gaze to begin to decay)

?Cursed Wound (prevents wounds caused by the Eidolon from healing)

?Mental Exposure (allows the Eidolon to read surface thoughts)

?Fearshape (allows the Eidolon to take on the shape of its victim's worst fear)

- Lesser Eidolons may only take 1 physical ability from the list of 'takeable' abilities.
- Eidolons may take 2 physical abilities and 1 mental ability.
- Greater Eidolons may take 3 physical and 2 mental ability.
- Eidolon Lords may take the full complement of 4 physical and 3 mental abilities.
- All Eidolons are unalterably evil. However, they are capricious and highly cunning beings, and despite their evil nature may not act so. An Eidolon may have a self-serving end even in the most apparently benevolent act.
- Eidolon Lords usually have minions at their command, consisting of other Eidolons, including Lesser and Greater Eidolons. If the Eidolon Lord has Awakened Powers, these minions can be summoned at will over great distances and between realms.
- Eidolons favour crimson, black and gold in their clothing, and ordinarily have a gothic design. Eidolon Lords are usually dressed in grand halfways between robes and plate armour.
- Eidolons generally live in their own floating citadel, though have been known to break away and join society. Eidolon Lords usually have complete control over their citadel and its inhabitants, meaning that there is only one Eidolon Lord per citadel.
- An Eidolon's will, sense of self and intelligence do not depend on the presence of a mind or soul as most other races would understand it. Thus, even though they are mindless and soulless, they still have an infernal will and powerful force of personality.
- An Eidolon does not breathe, eat or sleep. Indeed, it has no flesh to invigorate with such means - an Eidolon consists of a skeleton animated with something dark and terrible in place of a soul.


Racial Background : A wide spread race of lizard-men who originated from the Grim Wastes all though first eyewitness accounts place them in the Gerronin Sands, only the Lazikk themselves are aware of their ancestral home in the wastes. Having migrated into the world the Lazikk forged a name for themselves - Brutal, efficient, and greedy they are viewed by the common eye as undisciplined scum. Those who have worked more closely with the Lazikk race understand one very vital thing about them. They are fast learners, a survival tactic bread from centuries of fighting a hostile ever changing environment made these lizard men one of the deadliest mortal sentient species in the world. Due to such conditions their DNA has adapted, extremely, to survive nearly any disease but not to kill it, as such a Lazikk body could very well be a walking plague if they wished it so.

Appearance : Various Metallic and Mineral colored scales with gold, red, diamond or black eyes. A Lazikk stands between 6 and 10 feet tall however they stoop themselves to appear less dominating in the world of humans and other creatures, this tactic also gives them extreme balance. Generally in some form of cloth of chain mail armor to create a sense of decency for the other races a Lazikk is always, in some fashion, armed.

Common Professions : Cutthroat, merchant, gambling bookie, mercenary, axillary soldiers, explorer, personal security, assassin, scout, walking plague.

Physical Abilities :

Able to run with extreme speeds and to jump longer distances and higher then the average being (Inverse legs)

Able to keep extreme Balance (Tail)

Able to see in nearly all conditions (Lizard Eyes)

Able to weather almost any strike from a weapon (Armored Scales)

Able to deal devastating strikes (Muscle build)

Mental Abilities :

Impossibly cunning and quick witted (Difficult to out smart or trick)

Proficient with near any weapon within hours of practice (Flexible weapon selection in a tight situation)

Pain resistance (Torture and in-combat damage cause less pain, keeping the Lazikk focused)

Survival instinct (Can live in the harshest conditions)

Racial Instinct (Able to sense the location of a near-by Lazikk in a time of need. this ability increases in range the older they grow)


HOME: Any woodlands or grassy plains.

APPEARANCE: Adult leaf angels have a decidedly feline appearance, taking the basic shape of a humanoid cat with wings. They stand up to 4ft tall, with a wingspan of 20ft, and are always of a slender build, though males tend to be larger and fairly muscular. They have huge, midnight-blue, orblike eyes that lack any pupils or whites. Their hair is of an identical colour, and is usually kept long - males have a shaggy mane, while females have elegant, straight hair. They have short, pale green fur and long, leaflike ears. Males have a leonine facial structure, while females' faces more closely resemble a domestic cat's. They have a number of strange features that mark them as being extraordinary creatures of nature.

Instead of feathers, their wings are composed of leaves. Atop their heads grows a small stem, from which sprouts a single large, fanlike leaf that normally arcs backwards, but can be raised to stand upright or moved as far as to cover their face. They have two small antennae that hang down from their foreheads, and between their eyes sits a large, dark lilac gemlike stone. Their wrists and ankles are wreathed in small leaves that lie back against their forearms and lower legs, and there is a single large leaf on each forearm as well, normally lying back against the elbow but can be swivelled to extend past the hand. Two prehensile vines extend above the wing joints on the leaf angel's back, and can be extended to considerable lengths. Finally, the palms on the leaf angel's hands contain a small, muscular launcher, used to propel seeds grown within the leaf angel's body. These seeds can be used as an attack, to provide food for other species, or as the leaf angel's primary means of reproduction.

Leaf angels have four stages in their life cycle. Leaf angels begin the 'pod' stage of their life as a plant, on top of which grows the egg-like pod that eventually splits open to reveal the second 'child' stage, which retains all the abilities of the third 'adult' stage described above, but has a far more feline appearance, looking like a leafy cat with wings. A leaf angel child will enter a state of accelerated evolution and emerge three days later as an adult leaf angel. The last, 'wisp' stage of a leaf angel's life begins when the leaf angel's body finally dies, releasing the stone embedded in his or her head. This stone then shatters, releasing a tiny, incandescent, incorporeal, fairly-like wisp that from a distance simply looks like a point of lilac light, but when one looks closely enough one, they would see a miniaturised, ghostly version of the adult leaf angel.

COMMON PROFESSION: Guardian, ranger, healer


Various specific abilities and techniques (think Pokemon)

Superior Sight and Smell - can see in total darkness and with a huge colour spectrum, can pick up faint scents and identify others by smell


Superior Agility and Reaction Time

Soul Reaction - can bind with another species to form a powerful weapon


Various specific abilities and techniques (think Pokemon)

Empathy - feels the emotions of those around them

Preternatural Awareness - is aware of things they shouldn't be able to sense

Premonitions - can see possible future events

Magic (Light) - can use healing and light-based magic

- Leaf angels are wilderness wanderers, perfectly at home with nature. When living in this way, they act as guardians and rangers, keeping the balance of nature intact.
- Leaf angels mate just as most other humanoid species do, but do not give birth. Instead, the female will plant the fertilised seed into the ground, which will grow over the course of several weeks into a large leafy pod. Eventually, the pod will blossom like a flower, in the middle of which lies a sleeping baby leaf angel.
- Leaf angels are inherently good, but 'evil' leaf angels are not unheard of. Evil leaf angels, however, do not have access to the white magic available to good leaf angels, and usually look for dark artefacts to negate this disadvantage.
- A leaf angel's Reaction ability transforms them into a powerful weapon bound to the person Reacted with. This ability can be used unkeyed for decent results, or can be keyed to a particular person to push the results into the spectacular. A leaf angel can only be keyed with one person at a time.
- A leaf angel's Premonition ability can be triggered willingly by touching a pertinent object or person, or involuntarily when great danger lurks in the immediate future.
- The Preternatural Awareness ability allows the leaf angel unparalleled dodging ability, even against attacks they don't know about. It also allows them to avoid the effects of deadly traps if they can react quickly enough. Effectively, it is impossible to sneak up on, or past, a leaf angel.
- The gem in a leaf angel's forehead is extremely valuable, but to obtain one involves killing the leaf angel in question.
- Leaf angels sleep and drink, but do not eat - their leaves photosynthesise all the nutrients they need using minerals found in the water they drink. In a pinch, they are able to root down using their vines to draw sustenance from soil like a plant.
- There is a legend surrounding the 'Kyuukyoku Hayashi', a mythical forest of trees that grow a special flower. This flower does not actually have a soul, but can absorb the soul energy of a single leaf angel wisp. So it is that leaf angel wisps that tire of life can Soul React with these flowers, which then absorb the leaf angel's soul into the tree. The legend states that the flowers begin to glow a phosphorescent lilac when they have absorbed a leaf angel wisp, and that the tree itself stores the experiences of each leaf angel absorbed by its flowers, making the forest a sacred place for leaf angels.
- 'Various specific abilities' counts as both a physical and a mental trait due to the wide spectrum of abilities it encompasses. Each ability is similar to those displayed by various Pokemon of the Grass and Psychic types, and include the following:

Bullet Seed

Energy Ball

Leaf Blade

Razor Leaf

Vine Whip

Seed Bomb

Solar Beam

Leech Seed

Sleep Powder

Stun Spore

Confuse Ray



Mirror Coat

Dream Eater


Heal Block


Destiny Bond



HOME: Anywhere that contains rare and exotic plants.

APPEARANCE: A rose faerie takes the appearance of a rosy-skinned, red-haired human - except that they have red leaf-like wings that look very similar to rose petals. They are two inches tall, with a slim build and slightly pointed ears. All rose faeries glow with a soft red light, and their wings constantly release a glittering red dust that can be used to produce a powerful regenerative potion.

COMMON PROFESSION: Nurturer, gardener, etc.


Fast healing



Injury Resistance




True Sight

Psychic Regeneration

Blink - short-distance teleport

Diamond Soul

- Rose faeries like to tend rare and exotic plants of all descriptions - including leaf angel pods. Because of this, they are often seen around leaf angel pod patches or groves.
- When a group of rose faeries gather into a swarm, their subconscious psychic potential forms into a single overmind that can direct the group as a single entity. Each rose faerie retains its own individual personality while under the sway of an overmind, though the overmind holds sway over each rose faerie's actions until it chooses to disperse.
- The overmind of a rose faerie swarm can meld with the mind of another creature, which can then direct the rose faeries as though it were their overmind. This also gives a significant boost to the overmind's host's mental faculties.
- A single rose faerie can blink up to a distance of two hundred feet away from their starting position. A rose faerie swarm that has formed an overmind can blink the same distance simultaneously, and take a single willing creature with it.
- A rose faerie can regenerate either its own or another creature's missing body parts at will.
- A rose faerie's soul is almost impossible to alter or remove. Not only that, their soul is so strong that they are resistant to most forms of magic, the notable exception being healing magic.
- Rose faeries never sleep. To rest, a rose faerie need only 'trance' for a single hour each day.

We all walk a dark path...for there are only shadows. Some lighter, and some darker...but shadows all the same.

For all life is a shade of grey.
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