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This is the thread in which i will post various attachable modules (or "packages", or "libraries") i wrote for the sandbox and later ported to the modding environment. These modules implement functionality missing or lacking in the current version of DoomRL.

Each archive contains the module .lua and some demo files that allow the modules to be previewed and assessed quickly.
To use in your mod, simply copy the module's library files to your mod's directory and include a require "YOUR_MODULE_ID.module:MY_MODULE_ID" directive in the main module file. Detailed usage instructions are included with every module.

Current version modules (

Multilevel (v0.7)
Emulation of multiple levels within the limitations of the current modding environment. Also included are respawning items and persistent level support. Kornel has been saying that multiple levels are going to be fully supported in the next version of DoomRL, making this somewhat obsolete, however the features included in this module are a guarantee it will stay relevant for a very long time.
Latest changes:
- Fixed issue with initial level state overwriting saved level state
+ Ported to DoomRL

StatusEffects (v0.5)
Emulation of the Affect engine, which as of right now only allows you to have one custom affect. For shame. Optional HUD modifications are supported.
Latest changes:
+ API documentation updated
+ Safer StatusEffects.is_active() that ignores (and warns against) non-existing effects
+ Ported to DoomRL

Explodify (v0.3)
Remember how old NES games animated large explosions by drawing many small explosions over the exploding object? This module emulates this behavior. The old pre-async animation nuke effect is also possible with this.
Latest changes:
+ Ported to DoomRL
+ Given explosions a default sound

The modules are released under the GPL v2 license. Reuse in your own mods is encouraged. Comments, bug reports and, most importantly, code contributions are welcome.


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