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Regarding additions/corrections, of course, and all the things you brought up have been discussed/will without a doubt be discussed. It's all a matter of time, which AFAIK doesn't come too easy for Kornel. But just a matter of time, none-the-less :)

Hi, got your mail sometime ago, but after playing AliensRL I finally could get myself to register and test the latest version. It's very nice I couldn't really find bugs. A few things bugged me a bit: please make opening the item screen and character screen at the same time possible. Bind space with closing those screens plz. Tried it about a hundred times. Tried for the first time got to lvl 3 because I used a mana potion instead of a town portal. I read you have to wait for the portal to appear and so I ran around hiding from monsters. Nothing happened so I returned to the point where I thought I have cast the spell. Nothing there either so I kept on running. Well it was impossible to keep this up for long so I died with an assload of money left :(. Still love this game for it's simplicity and it's speed. It's turnbased but it 's far more fastpaced as the original game. Nice, keep up the good work plz!!!


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