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But yet another guide writer has done the Angel of Supreme Inner Discipline.

I'm not even sure I have unlocked that yet.  O.O


--- Quote from: Thomas on April 28, 2011, 00:49 ---...Man, I'm feeding my own addiction here.

--- End quote ---

Oh just you wait. There's still more undiscovered badges. :)

Game Hunter:

--- Quote from: Thomas on April 28, 2011, 02:18 ---Naw, there's nothing new in here. Like I said in the mortem, I'm not even the first to get the Every Soldier's Medal.
--- End quote ---
I'm pretty sure most people, or at least non-beta testers, haven't seen the tactical shotgun. It's a rather important ingredient toward early AoHu dominance, if I do say so myself (and a pretty great assembly in general).

Working on Quartermaster Diamond, are you? I've been at that one for a while m'self, farthest I got was an unfortunate near-stairs in City of Skulls (which I was forced into by time restraints). Fireangel helped a LOT, lemme tell you.

In the 1.6 version of my guide, there's a lot of talk about tactical shotguns, let me tell you. It's easily the most powerful assembly weapon in the game.

As for my quartermaster diamond runs, if they don't end before level 4, I can usually get them to about 10-13 before messing something up. I normally don't make master traits any more, HR->HR->Fin->Fin->Iro-Iro is my go-to quartermaster diamond build, although I'm beginning to see the benefits of a double shotgun (if you can find one) and shottyman.


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