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LAN fan:
Doom came out long before multiplayer Co-op became popular (or even possible!).  But Doom is the perfect game for co-op!

It might seem strange to have a roguelike co-op, especially since it's turn-based, but it shouldn't be as unwieldy as it sounds.  Especially on a LAN where the players can communicate with each other:

'Wait a moment, I need to check my inventory,' 'Hold it!  Let me move first this turn, I need to get away from this barrel...' (if both players' turns happen to coincide).

The implementation would be simple enough - the game checks to see if it's a player's turn, and if so it pauses until they move, just like it does now.  If two players can move on that turn, it moves in the order it receives the input (relying on the host computer).  A minor change might be required - players should be able to check their inventory even though it's not their 'turn'.

I'm not sure how hard it would be to program, though.  But this would be the first roguelike with a co-op feature, and Doom is the perfect game for it.  :-D

This could start a trend.  ;-)

It would be relatively boring to wait every step the other make. If multiplayer ever make itself in DoomRL, it would need to work an other way.

Note that im realy not against that, I would love playing with my friends (ok, most of my friends think this game is the universe worse creation) but I still would love to play with other in Co-op.

I think it would be a great idea and not only over LAN but over the whole internet. I have some friends who I have corrupted with DoomRL and I think it wouldn't be too slow if both knew what they are doing. And if the players aren't near each other, they could use any of the instant messengers around. (Or chatting over DoomRL?)

In my opinion the programming part wouldn't be... very fun. It's not too "hard" if one knows what he is doing but programming anything multiplayer/multiuser is (at least for me) a nightmare. So much can go wrong and probably it would need some (huge?) changes to the code. So I think Kornel won't do it, though I'd say "Yay" if he would :)

LAN fan:
I don't think it would be too tedious, considering how few turns the action takes.  With some communication, it would be easy to coordinate with each other.

Besides, nobody's ever really tried to make co-op for roguelikes before - most people seem to dismiss it offhand.  But it could certainly be playable, and if it picks up, the roguelike community could refine it.  Kind of like making the first ever 3D games with platform, but no vertical aiming.  ;-)

please, not only lan, if this DOES happen, then, please, not only with lan


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