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Be envious of my mad paint skills.

Thelaptop made me do it. ;)

Brewtal Legend:

Funny. Although unless it was in ascii, It's really more of just a regular Doom comic. Nothing specific to DoomRL

Still pretty damn funny though!

Easy does it... see also the shambler comic at the shambler bug.

We might make this a regular feature if it gets the Godhand's Seal of Approval.


I was originally thinking about DRL comics in the sense of Dudley's Dungeon with all the ASCII, but well, let's not limit ourselves in the medium of expression.  Most important thing about the funnies is that they are funny!  =D

Have some ASCII then...

Ha-ha it's like in Stronghold - On The Edge Of Chaos WAD for Doom 2. ASCII are really great.


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