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Necroing this because we've a new wave of folks rediscovering DRL, and so there should be more comics that can be generated for it!  =D

Someone should do an official DRL webcomic...


--- Quote from: Sereg on February 05, 2017, 21:57 ---Someone should do an official DRL webcomic...

--- End quote ---
Okay.  I nominate Sereg!

(I can't say I nominate you, because then it'll be like me nominating You, which is not the same as nominating you, but if you are reading out loud, you'd be confused, as will You when You reads this out loud but doesn't read the capital Y accordingly.)

Yeah... if I do it, it'll look like this, and nobody wants that.

Why don't we actually nominate You?

Or maybe that Shinji guy that does all the renders, he might be good for it.

That isn't actually too bad, just needs work with making the text readable!

Joke aside though, we cannot have an "official" DRL webcomic the same reason why we're calling this DRL now.  Just thought I revived this thread in case people want to create new user generated comics for DRL.


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