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Author Topic: [Linux] Better error reporting when Doomrl fails to run.  (Read 1436 times)


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Currently when Doomrl fails to run under Linux the error messages flash for under a second before the terminal gets cleared. Unfortunately that means after running it ~20-30 times you might be able to make out a word or two from all the flashing but for the most part it's not possible to get any usable information this way. Currently things that I know of that will cause a crash are enabling midi music without timidity installed, a syntax error in the keybindings file, and tonight's problem... deleting (accidentally) then undeleting the directory Doomrl was in (I think a wav file failed to recover without corruption). Luckily the player/score wads are fine so I didn't lose any of my badges.

Edit: Actually it looks like I lost my elite diamond badge, but I'm 98% sure that was from obtaining the badge and then losing power before I got a chance to exit Doomrl. I'm guessing when you exit is when the player.wad gets written. Then after all that is when I deleted it...

Granted I don't think the game should have built in protection against deleting/undeleting, it'd just be nice to be able to read the error messages.
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