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  • May 21, 2022, 05:49
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Author Topic: [0993] You can 'complete' Hell's Armory without killing Shambler  (Read 1800 times)


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As seen here:,4433.0/
And here:,4432.0/

In both mortems, they have completed all special levels they visited except for one. In the top mortem's case, it was the vaults (shown by the "He partially scavenged the vaults" message) and in the bottom mortem he only did 2 waves of Hell's Arena.

However, both of them say "He left the armory without drawing too much attention", the message that indicates never spawning the Shambler. This means that Hell's Armory can be completed without spawning and killing the Shambler.

A while ago when I was doing my AoHu conqueror runs, I did ask Kornel whether you had to spawn the Shambler to complete the level, and he said yes, so this must be unintended.
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I think that HAr should be allowed to complete without meeting the Shambler for two reasons:
  • Shambler requires a lever to trigger (optional event) -- there's no other way of getting it to spawn otherwise
  • Shambler killing reveals schematics (optional gain) and some potentially useful mods
Not all special levels need a boss fight, and HAr is one where it is really hard to justify why the Shambler counts as "guarding" the Armoury.
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