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S.K. Ren:
A while back I picked up on a RP system called Roll to Dodge. The rules are pretty fast and loose allowing for more focus on RP and less on stats, but still subject to whims of the Random Number God. Basic rules are as follows

Spoiler (click to show/hide)Because this is causing confusion, please refer to the rule in the main post from now on.

With that out of the way, back to the main topic. Is anyone interested in playing this? I can make any setting you want and will work to make a decent scenario if people show interest. If you are interested, please post your desired setting as well as your vote of interest. If no majority is reached I will pick one at random from generic settings to make a scenario from. I will be using a 3d6 table for anyone concerned by the small 1d6 range.

Sounds interesting enough to try, and I don't have to cough up some complicated character.

Count me in!

S.K. Ren:
Good to hear. I would like at least two more people. Also I need a vote between these 5 themes for the RTD:

* High Fantasy
* Dark Fantasy
* Gaslamp Fantasy
* Steampunk
* Science FictionIf you have a request for an already existing world setting I can take that into consideration as most fit into one of these 5 catagories.

The Page:
I have fond memories of RTD, although the system I used was a little more elaborate...

Count me in. I vote for whatever everyone else votes for.

Angles of death:
Can I be in? I vote for Dark Fantasy.


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