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Count me in. Basically, anything goes, but mostly Dark Fantasy or Steampunk.

Gaslamp or Steampunk for me.

Girl Genius is a great inspiration.

S.K. Ren:
So we have thelaptop, Silhar, Angles, The Page and my brother irl. The votes were 2 Dark Fantasy, 2 Gaslamp and 2 Steampunk. A d3 chose Gaslamp so i'll kill myself tonight to get a proper scenario together. Is there any Gaslamp Fantasy out there other than Girl Genius?

@The Page: We'll I just gave the streamlined version. I support earning skills through repeated actions or luck or whimsy... I just didn't want to scare people off. I also support equipment but in the end its all abstract. A Shotgun will do the same damage as a Sniper rifle on a hit, it's the chance to hit that may vary from weapon to weapon skill. Anyways I'll post the scenario in it's own thread along with what I'll require for a character (Mostly a name, basic description and a preferred specialty. Ill try to assign you basic skills close to what you pick.)

The Page:
Huzzah, gaslamp.

I'm sure there's plenty gaslamp other than Girl Genius, but you could always just think "Sherlock Holmes with fantascience and magick" and you'll do fine.

S.K. Ren:
Sorry for the delay. I'm currently visiting my cousin and got dragged to a hookah bar lat night. I have schoolwork to finish today as well so I'll either post tonight or tomorrow night, no later.


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