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Gaslamp RTD - Episode I: The Secret Ingredient

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S.K. Ren:
The Secret Ingredient

You have long since passed the point of remembering how you got in the cell. You all have. Numerous cells lined the dark stone hallway; small candles providing barely enough light to see the grate to the cell. Every week, as far as you can tell, a well-dressed man colloquially called the Keeper and his guards come and take some of the other inmates away; soon after they bring in a new batch. And for days all you can hear is endless screaming followed by dead silence broken only by the faint drip of water from down the hall. Strangely you and several others have managed to dodge this fate for weeks now. You suppose this is thanks to the warnings on what is safe to eat when they bring food. No one knows where this knowledge came from but it’s kept you alive for now. Though not everyone gets or follows this advice. Anyone not deemed strong enough or useful was left to the Keeper each week.

While the screaming was certainly disquieting to anyone new, for the senior residents is was a chance to talk without being interrupted by guards.  During your third week the screaming was broken briefly by a muffled cry of surprise from one of the cells further down the hall.

“Marcus? You get another message from our friend down the hall?” One of the men cried softly. A small voice called back after a few moments.

“W-we’re g-g-g-go-ing t-t-tonight…. Tonight!” Marcus stuttered back. A low murmur of excitement flowed through the hall, cut short by the entrance of the guards. THe noise had been just loud enough to grab the guard's attention. Quickly two men started bickering, drawing the guard’s attention. That was their job. The guard wearily made his way over, used to the routine by now.

With the guard taken care of you are left to prepare for tonight’s break. You don’t know much about your mysterious benefactor but whoever he or she is, they’re your only chance out of this hole. You can hear small scraping sounds from the surrounding cells as they dig out their contraband. What have you stored away?

Alright everyone make their introductions along with a name, brief description, and one skill they think would be useful in a Gaslamp Fantasy setting. It would also help if you made an action as well. If anyone wants to join in after we start, send me a PM with your character name, a physical description and a skill/profession your character has.

Spoiler: Advanced Rules (click to show/hide)Edit: Seems I might scare people off so Ill just simplify them. So here are the Simple Advanced Rules

Spoiler: Skills (click to show/hide) As you perform actions you will get skill points. The skills will be given based on your actions and can be anything. I mean you punch people a lot I'll give you the Pugilism skill. Or if you spend time in the bar and Ill give you the Drinking skill. Basically you do something often enough and Ill fudge the numbers in your favor when performing similar actions.

Spoiler: Wounds (click to show/hide)Wounds are simple. You get hit, you gain a wound. You get hit hard you gain several. You get a bad roll and you might give yourself or an ally a wound. Get 7 wounds total, or 3 in the head or 4 in the chest and you will die without emergency treatment (With the exception of specifically non-lethal wounds, then you'll just be unconscious). You take 10 Wounds total and you are dead, no question. Enemies work the same way. Specific body parts can be injured. You can lose them too. Losing a body part reduces your fatal wound limit. (I.e lose an arm and you can only take 9 wounds before instant death.)

Minor wounds will heal over time. Severe wounds require treatment and leave permanent effects.

Spoiler: Actions (click to show/hide)Your actions can be anything within reason. However I will not do anything for you. If you want that awesome gun that shoots Shurikens and Lightning, you better pick it up because there is no loot bag for it to be stuffed in for later. Other than that keep an open mind for creative solutions to the encounters. Also, I will provide shitty MS Paint maps if people want relative positions in some encounters.

Each actions success will be the result of a 2d8 roll. An average roll will yield an average success low rolls will be failures and high rolls will carry greater if not superfluously so levels of success. i.e. An attempt to sneak behind an enemy will fail and result in getting caught on a 6, for example; while shooting at somebody with a 6 will simply miss. A 2 will probably result in shooting yourself in the foot.

All actions must be posted in bold. Non-bolded actions will be ignored. Some simple actions, such as picking something up, can be tacked ont a primary action with italics. Actions may give an auto-success or auto-failure, depending on the situation. Some actions will result in hidden rolls, when it may not be obvious if you succeeded or failed. The result will still take place, but you will not know if you rolled a 4 or a 14.

Finally the more specific or complicated your action, the larger the penalty modifier that will be applied to your rolls for that round. While you can, its best to not try and do too many things at once. At the same time don't be afraid to try unconventional actions. You can invent things that break logic but not reason, and even tap into the paranormal if you have the right tools and logic.

Feel free to ask questions in the other thread. We will proceed when everyone is ready :D

Angles of death:
I have a question. Do we pick any starting equipment?

S.K. Ren:
It'll be random. You'll need to search your surroundings/stash and see what the dice give you. Ill base whatever you find around your skill. And besides even if you get a botched roll you still have your fists and can loot the guards. As you find stuff Ill make an armory spoiler on the first page. Ill also be keeping a character sheet summary at the bottom of each round's report and use the abbr tag to give a short description.

"Finally, I'm sick of this place as it is," Twizmer thought to himself as he snuck deeper into the darkness of his cell, looking for his stash.  In another life Twizmer was one of those dandies: immaculate, dapper, with a wit to match.  But that was a long, long time ago, and he has long since given up trying his wit on the boring guards who did not even bother to pay him any attention.  It was a good thing, really, for those whom the guards engaged, they inadvertently ended up... elsewhere.

Skill: Basic fighting with a walking stick
Action: Searching for stash

"Good thing this isn't my first prison break."

Mr. Fletch had spent a fair deal of time in the clink. He'd never had an 'honest' job in is his, preferring shady jobs ranging from cat burglar to hired muscle. He had been beaten by the guards on more than one occasion, not unprovoked beatings mind you, he liked to pass the time by grabbing passing guards and getting in what lumps he could. While typically clear headed, he couldn't remember for the life of him what he had stashed away while he dug out his possessions.

Skill: Modest hand to hand and a propensity for stealth
Action: Searching for stash


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