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Ride Across The River - Mass Effect PbF - OOC


Welcome to the OOC thread for a Mass Effect game of Traveller RPG.

For now, there are two players here:
-Almighty Epyon

For the curious: the game is about the (mis)adventures of a small band of a guns-for-hire in the Terminus Systems, where all is possible and a bullet to the head is most likely. Timeline-wise, it is set slightly after the events of Mass Effect 2, though it does not affect the setting much.

That is the premise, anyway. I have two players already, though I'd be willing to accept one or two more, so, any volunteers?

And finally, character creation guidelines:
- Basic character creation as per Traveller core rulebook, material from other books mostly allowed, as long as you reference it. No limit to the number of terms, though I would ask for characters that do have a reason for freelanching as mercenaries.
- Council Space races allowed, for character creation guidelines for non-humans, ping me via Private Messages so that we can work out details.
- No biotics, please.

That is all for now, more details will follow if necessary.

Xander Morhaime:
I'm just re-stating my interest here. I plan to make a Turian character, for the record. How the generation will go, we'll see...


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