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Game Hunter:
There are a fair number of mods for DoomRL: unfortunately, almost all of them are made for versions prior to Since I have a rudimentary knowledge of how modules work, I've taken it upon myself to update some mods to this version so that they can be played and used with "Custom Game". Below is a list of wads that I've finished so far (I've gotten permission from most of the creators; those people can ask me for the source code if they want to get at it):

Marine Base (by Battleguy)
Angel of Patience (by Simon-v) (in use by author)
Restless (by Gargulec)
Invasion (by you)
Metal Gear (source, by Simon-v)

Just dump these into your modules folder and enjoy! And also please report any bugs because they're probably related to the porting process. I just made sure that they played for a couple of minutes, not for the entire playthrough.

I played Marine Base a few times and so far it has worked well.

Kornel Kisielewicz:

The only wrong thing I experienced was that when I died and was shown the post-mortem, I press Enter and blood pours down. When the blood reveals the title screen for 98%, the red shit gets stuck for a little longer at the bottom of the screen then it's supposed to.

Oh, and the 'Restless' mod just crashes and quits the game when attempting to launch it. Right after the first trait choice.

Kornel Kisielewicz:
The delay is normal -- DoomRL reloads all data files after a mod game.


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