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You still could not get used to the fact that the FTL drive just hummed when engaged, instead of roaring as it used to before Mai installed her latest upgrades. Still, it did make your life much more comfortable - though the the attempts to go to sleep still failed. So, having nothing better to do (unless you really wanted to watch that asari flick Mai was so ecstatic about) you just replayed the message from your current employer.

'Three weeks ago, my idiot's brother daughter was kidnapped by a band of ascended thugs who apparently believed that they could use her to blackmail me. As if I'd care for some asari.'

After hearing those words, you did not even have to look at the holo to see the face of the turian businessman before your eyes. He sounded just so palvean. Besides, you knew his voice and face from before. Trak Na'Qun was his name, and he was... well, an owner of a small, but well-prospering company and one of the most vocal nationalists out there in the Hierarchy.

'But of course I must not allow them to go unpunished for their arrogance. And thankfully, that so called 'mercenaries' proved to be as sloppy as my brother's security, and we have managed to track them down to a system in Terminus Systems. I want you' his tone was visibly used to giving orders 'to go there, find them, and kill them all. Every single of them is to get a bullet to the head, no matter if they are women, children or children with women. No one dares to mess with me. Especially not some thugs from Omega. And quite frankly, I want nothing more. If that asari girl lives, all the better, but their deaths come first. Of course, I will pay you extra for her being alive. But you will have to deliver her to me personally, because she has to learn a few things before I even start considering her a member of my family again. And you have my permission to do whatever you want with her as long as you get her to me alive and not crippled. I have no use for cripples. Ah, and it goes without mentioning that if any details of this mission ever make their way to the extranet, you both are facing a certain death. I will not allow myself to be disgraced!'

The message ended with that cheerful note. Enclosed, there were coordinates of a star system in Terminus, a file on that asari kidnapee and an another one on the mercenaries responsible. And, of course, information on the payment. One hundred and fifty thousands credits plus twenty five thousand extra for the girl being rescued alive and delivered to the given location.

'He is a kind of dick, is not he?'

You turned around to see Mai standing in the doorway, yawning and flexing her blue-skinned limbs. She had it good, she had no problems sleeping with a FTL on.

Xander Morhaime:
Seren Vorrech wasn't particularly bothered by sleep problems - his past military service had conditioned him to just catch any sleep where possible, and make do otherwise. He wore a standard and unremarkable military jumpsuit, lacking rank and service distinctions - no point in drawing extra attention on this job.

"Just your average high officer, making up a lack of distinctions by shouting and acting harsh. Just have to learn to nod, keep quiet, and don't look smarter than he thinks himself to be," Seren replied, switching off the recording. "How much longer until we reach the site?" he asked, bringing up the file on the planet in question, scanning it for possible groups that might complicate matters. Gangs, mercenary companies, pirates, Krogans... best to limit the number of involved parties. Less chance of major media attention. He also checked the file on the target gang - paying attention to any ties to other groups his employer might have dug up, possible funds and assets, numbers...

Spirits, but he missed having someone else to do recon and planning. Well, that's the life of a freelancer...

'An hour. Hour and a half, tops' she shrugged, sitting herself on a nearby crate. She was wearing cargo pants and a loose, thick, pale-green blouse, a garb dangerously modest by asari standards of tight, form-fitting body-gloves.

The information in the enclosed files was staggeringly extensive, covering everything up to almost exact coordinates of your target's base, to the point it became quite dubious that your employer could have gathered it on his own. A good information broker seemed much more likely.

You destination was an entirely unassuming star system in Ismar Frontier - an aged sun with a single planet, and a rocky chunk barely big enough to be called such, mined dry around two centuries ago. And while the cluster itself saw some interest from Blue Sun and Omega's entrepreneurs, the chances of running into them here ran pretty close to nil.

The band itself was thankfully not affiliated with any of the big mercenary bands trio, instead being just another rag-tag bunch of humans, batarians and other scum led by a young krogan calling himself "Ghazkul", counting between ten and fifteen heads. They seemed to specialize in mid-profile kidnappings, having conducted three of them before, growing bolder with each - Na'Qun being easily the most influential of their targets, using the funds gained that way to arm themselves to the teeth and claim an abandoned mining outpost for their base of operation - an outpost you were about to storm, by the way. Fortunately, it would also seem that they have suffered serious casualties in a run in with a Blood Pack not long ago, having to replace almost the half of their ranks with green recruits fresh out of Omega's gutter.

'So, anything of interest here?' Mai asked seeing you finish the reading. 'Anything to make the job more interesting for you?'

Xander Morhaime:
"Spirits, I hope not. Last thing I need is for this contract to turn interesting," the Turian quickly replied with a shake of his head. "Think you could do a flyover of this site here when we arrive?" he asked, indicating the name of the mining outpost in the mission briefing. "Wouldn't hurt to have a look at the terrain... maybe I can lure some of them out into the open or something," he muttered to himself. The more thugs he could take out in the open, the less he'd have to worry about when attacking the outpost itself. That cheapskate Na'Qun couldn't even spare money for a second gun... Sweeping a structure - any structure - without someone to watch his back just raised all sorts of alarm flags in his mind.

'I guess' she shrugged again. 'Though chances are that we are going to get spotted, but maybe if luring them out is what you really want, it is not such a bad idea after all. And if the look at the terrain is all you want, then rejoice, for I will be finally able to put that new scanner suite to some use. If it up to specs, then you should get a perfectly accurate scan of the entire area's topography and maybe even their exact postions, and that would help, would not it be?'

Ever since she bought that scanners (which took almost the entirety of your previous payment), Mai was itching to test them out.


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