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Xander Morhaime:
Seren didn't spend much time outside. The position was too exposed for his liking, he had a good view, but also could likely be seen without too much trouble. As soon as he saw the lone figure heading towards the tower, he ducked back inside.

"Best get suited up. There's someone on the way here, to be sure, I expect we'll be on the move soon," he told the doctor.

The women nodded, opening a locker by the wall, and starting to slowly get herself into a green enviro-suit. There was a holster on it, but no weapon.

The airlock hissed open a few minutes later, as Nikita was getting ready.

'Listen, many-eyed freak!' you've heard before the doors even swung open 'if you have done something to her again, I swear I'll blast you a few new eyesockets!'

And then, the massive disc rolled to the side, and Snorri found himself starring eye to eye with a turian mercenary, his sister getting suited up and a corpse of the batarian.

'On another thought' he sighed, raising his arms 'disregard that. And thank you, whoever you are, he was a real pain in the ass.'

He seemed strangely calm, not making any unnecessary, endangering gestures.

Xander Morhaime:
Seren kept his rifle at the ready, though at least he didn't point it at the newcomer after the first few moments.

"Yeah, don't thank me yet," he replied with a shake of his head. "I'm here to retrieve one Asari of note, and to ensure the gang responsible for her abduction doesn't cause any more trouble. Now, I'm fully prepared to do this on my own, but... I can't exactly leave loose ends unattended. Specifically, I can't leave your sister, and more importantly you to just sit here and cause Spirits know what trouble. So, my offer... help me recover the Asari and neutralize the gang, and in return I'll help you get off the planet. How's that sound?"


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