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Xander Morhaime:
"Try not to be too obvious about it. Unless you put guns in on this crate while I wasn't looking, we don't want to attract their full attention. This job's all kinds of messed up without adding a hot drop on top of it all," Seren replied, then got up with a sigh. Something about the mission just had "deathtrap" written all over it.

"I'm going to check my gear and suit up. Let me know if anything comes up."

1 hour later

The ship jerked, the quiet buzz of the FTL engine changing to the much loader roar of the main thruster. Mai flicked a switch on the console, opening the shutters, revealing the system in all its non-existent glory to your eyes. The target planet gleamed in the distance, looking even more unremarkably than on the image provided by your contractor - just a grey chunk of rock, battered by the eons of bombardment by space's detritus, as evidenced by the countless craters dotting its surface.

'And here we are' sighed your asari pilot, starting to guide the ship down towards the planet. 'So you wanted that flyover, yes?'

Not really expecting you to confirm, she started the quick descent.

'Coordinates' she ordered calmly, and the ship's VI instantly displayed the location of your target. Mia nodded, and adjusted the course slightly. 'Hey, we should be in range now, could you give those sensors a test?' she asked, not looking at you, just concentrated on the piloting. 'There should be a console there somewhere' she added, pointing at a newly installed screen in cockpit's corner.

From up here, you could see much more detail of the planet's surface... apparently, there quite heavy mining operation going down there some time ago, for strewn among the craters, you could see a lot of remnants after them - mostly the husks of miners habitats and other hardware that was simply not worth reclaiming after the planet was mined dry.

Xander Morhaime:
"Well, let's see what we can see," Seren muttered to himself, seating himself in front of the sensor controls and setting to work. Times like this, he was quite thankful for the range of skills he'd picked up during his military career, and that operating remote sensors was one of them. Between that, his skills of observation, and the natural paranoia of a frontline soldier, he hoped to find any difficulties his employer's agents had missed, preferably before he ran into them in person.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)Test for Sensors and Recon, respectively, to make sense of the sensor data and find points of interest on what the sensors bring back.

The scanners proved to be a bit more complicated that you were used to work with, and it took you a longer moment to figure out how to process all information gathered by them. But the results were... impressive. A holograph of the entire base and its surroundings displayed itself on the screen.

The interior was mapped only sketchily: you gathered enough information to determine that the base was a two-level building, placed below the surface of a sizeable if flattened by age crater's bottom, with only a single entrance above the ground level. The area immediately around it was mostly featureless, with gentle slopes of the crater being almost perfectly smooth, with only a few paths carved into them. Apart from that, there were two places of interest immediately noticeable: a rectangular spot of evened ground mid-slope with a small shuttle landed on it - so, a landing pad and also a small, though quite high building on the crater's edge, about five hundred meters from the base's entrance - most likely an old communication array.

Interestingly, a few pieces of what should be scrap moved in a regular pattern - so probably, the mercenaries decided to bolster their defences with a few security mecha, making them patrol the perimeter around the base. There were four of them in total moving, though it would not be impossible for the mercs to have more than that, just tucked away inside of the base.

Xander Morhaime:
"Think you can put us down someplace out of sight of the mining outpost? I'd rather not put them more on alert than necessary..." Seren asked, leaning back from the sensor console briefly to call out to the pilot, before leaning in again to continue studying the information, formulating plans.

"Order of priority, silence long-range comms, neutralize motor pool, effect hostage retrieval, cleanup," the Turian muttered to himself, propping up his chin with one hand while working the sensor console with the other. "Check outbuilding first, proceed to shuttle pad... hmm, need predicted patrol routes for junkers," he went on, tracing out the lines of patrol and copying them to his omni tool. After some thought he also downloaded the building schematics and made a note to add the list of gang members before disembarking. It'd serve as a useful checklist. He also made a note to load the HEAP rounds into the launcher first. For the 'mechs... and the Krogan.


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