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Kornel Kisielewicz:
God Hand

Forum administrator and lead developer. No much more to say -- has all the permissions, also is the only rank that allows changing ranks of other users.

Held by : Kornel Kisielewicz

Grand Inquisitor

Known on other forums as "Global Moderator". Currently the activity on the forums doesn't require to appoint additional Global Moderators, but that might change in the future if problems arise. Has permissions to modify/delete/move any post, and also has access to all current and future hidden forums.

Held by : Malek Deneith


This rank is given extremely rare, to people that I personaly "work" with on my projects, or to people that have had a serious impact on my development life and on chaosforge in general. Chaoslords have granted access to all current and future hidden forums.

Held by : Derek, Rimmon, thelaptop, Gargulec


This is a rank for people who have made a significant contribution to the Chaosforge games/community. In the future "Help Wanted" announcements will be made, where I will post things that you people could help me with, and in exchange be granted this rank. Chaosknights have granted access to the beta forums and Tavern and Temple of Chaos (where the design/development of unnanounced/secret projects takes place).

Held by : Blade, you, Simon-v, yaflhdztioxo, Game Hunter, tehtmi

Old Chaos Guard

Not active anymore members of ChaosForge that have still made great contributions in the past.  The Old Chaos Guard has granted access to all current and future hidden forums.

Held by : Aerton, Igor Savin, Fingerzam, Turgor, Michalis, Tavana, Melon


Is the moderator for a single board.

* General/Offtopic : Gargulec
* General/Play-By-Forum : Gargulec
* DoomRL/Bug Reports : Tavana
* DoomRL/Post Mortem : Game Hunter
* Coding/Neko : Melon
* Other/AliensRL : DaEezT
* Other/Berserk! : Fingerzam

This is a special rank awarded to those that donate to any of chaosforge's games. It is granted for at least two months per donation, on special occassions for longer (like donating a lot, or being the first). Allows access to most current and future hidden forums (including the DoomRL Beta Tests forum and Tavern of Chaos!). In the future it will probably have additional benefits. You can donate here on the forum.

Supporter of Chaos

Special rank awarded to long time recurring supporters. Allows access to most of the hidden stuff, including the Temple of Chaos (where currently the GRAPHICAL DoomRL ALPHA is being tested. Feel free to PM me on how close you are :).

Kornel Kisielewicz:
Update : Added the Chaosknight rank.

The Buttery Lobster:
Not to be nitpicky, and it doesn't really apply to me, seeing as I haven't donated, but can't you change "Supporter" to something more cool sounding? It seems so... blase. Surely the supporters agree with me?

Supporter is fine by me as it's completely accurate; I'm a supporter of Kornel and his work.

Unless you have a better idea....?

Ok, "Supporter" really sounds a bit like a "hotline employee", someone with the mission to help others in here.
"Donator" would be more appropriate.


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