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No, but I'm too lazy to figure it out.

Lost Soul : 0
Private : 1
Private FC : 5
Lance Corporal : 20
Corporal : 40
Sergeant : 60
Staff Sergeant : Unused
Gunnery Sergeant : Unused
First Sergeant : 100
Sergeant Major : 130
Second Lieutenant : 160
First Lieutenant : 200
Captain : 250
Major : 300
Lieutenant Colonel : 400
Colonel : 500
Brigadier General : 600
Major General : 800
Lieutenant General : 1000
General : (1500/2000?)

Updated ranks along with required post count, as near as I could gather from the memberlist.

Edit(19 JAN 17): Updated again to reflect new images.

I was going to request the list at the beginning of this topic be updated to reflect the new system(I know the Team tab has some of these, but not all), but you guys are probably busy doing important things like making Jupiter Hell work, so I went and figured it out myself. Here it is as close as I can tell:

Basic Forum User Ranks
[No Image] [No Title] Basic user - possibly unverified forum accounts?
[No Image] [No Title] Basic user - All of these have a significantly higher post count. Presumably verified accounts.

Kickstarter Conributor Ranks
Backer Kickstarter backer
Supporter Kickstarter backer - Beta Access
Alpha Supporter Kickstarter backer - Alpha Access
Supporter of Chaos Kickstarter backer - Inner Circle Access

Pre-kickstarter Contributor Ranks
Elder Formerly known as Supporter
Greater Elder Formerly known as Supporter of Chaos
Elder Chaos Guard Formerly known as Old Chaos Guard

Forum Moderator Ranks
Inquisitor Held by moderators of individual boards, and displayed only on those boards - overridden by other applicable forum ranks outside of those boards
Grand Inquisitor Global Moderator - currently held by thelaptop, LuckyDee, Malek Deneith

Special Project Beta Ranks
[No Image] AliensRL Beta Tester Held by a handful of players involved in the AliensRL project.
[No Image] DiabloRL Beta Tester Held by a handful of players involved in the DiabloRL project.

Developer Ranks
Devteam The Jupiter Hell Devteam - included Darren Grey, pici, Rimmon, Roland LaGoy, and slizgi
Godhand The unique rank held by Kornel Kisielewicz

Please feel free to post corrections or additions if you see or are aware of anything I've missed.


Kornel Kisielewicz:
Great work, I'll update the top post with your list later if you don't mind!

Inquisitor only shows up on boards where the person is an inquisitor/moderator - e.g yaflhdztioxo is a Local Inquisitor of the Mods subforum, so he is marked as such in his posts there, but a regular Elder Chaos Guard in all other subforums.

Yeah, feel free to use that and the previous post if you like. You're welcome to appropriate anything I submit here - all the more so if it turns out to be useful, lol.

Thanks for the clarification on Inquisitor - I wasn't sure it still existed, but then I'm not very active on most of the subforums here. I'll go ahead and change the description.


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